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What Enables Matias Galindo To Mix Business With Leisure



We all want to achieve financial freedom to a certain extent. Being free from financial worries and constraints allows us to control the time we spend working and the money we earn from it. And for some, financial freedom also opens opportunities for leisure such as traveling. 

Yet, for some entrepreneurs like Matias Galindo, traveling isn’t just meant for leisure as it lets them further their business while meeting new people and learning new ideas. 

Although still in his early 20s, Matias gets to experience the benefits of traveling the world for business. He leveraged the power of social media and the internet to create a platform where he helps aspiring entrepreneurs follow in his footsteps. 

A Day In His Life 

Being a social media influencer and entrepreneur, Matias spends most of his time jet-setting with friends to expand his business worldwide and enjoying the freedom that comes with his career. 

“When I am in a new city, I focus first on connecting with the right people. Then, I use most of the days to run my business and some of the days to create content for social media,” he said.

Presently, Matias has worked with thousands of people from across the globe, inspiring them to chase financial freedom and success by tapping into the potential of technology. 

“Learning how to build an online business or monetize your social media is something necessary because it allows everyone to have freedom with their time and financially independent,” the young entrepreneur said. 

Matias helps his clients monetize their social media by teaching them how to invest in their online business before launching it professionally. 

Inspired By Great Minds 

The young entrepreneur wasn’t always in the business of helping others succeed. He started his career by establishing a small delivery company when he was 18-years-old. He later shifted his focus after discovering the potential of technology. 

However, Matias’s entrepreneurial skills weren’t just a passing trend. Coming from a family of established business owners, one could say that it runs in his blood. 

“Since I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a millonarie. My dad and grandpa built a big real estate company, and they inspired me to be an entrepreneur,” he said. 

Yet instead of following in their footsteps, Matias forged his path, one that inspires others to follow suit to achieve financial freedom and the opportunity to mix business with leisure. 

Matias’s journey is far from over, so keep your eyes peeled to see what he can do. 

Learn more on Matias Galindo’s Instagram account. 

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