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What Initiatives Michael Fenech Started In Pursuit Of Helping Others



When people find themselves in a position of success, they tend to find a way to share their knowledge and experience to help others rise to the top. After all, it gets lonely at the top, and helping others brings a sense of fulfillment. 

Seeing how he’s in the proper place to inspire others to achieve their goals, Michael Fenech decided to put his efforts to good use by creating various solutions and businesses that are meant to help others. 

Teaching Others About E-Commerce 

Among other things, Michael is an Amazon FBA seller. He has a very successful brand that’s meant to hit seven-figure sales in the next 12 months.

“Because of our sales success in the Amazon space, Jamie Paros and I decided to start our own Amazon Facebook group: The EndGame Network. We intended to help as many people as possible by providing the right information to follow, the best techniques, tips, and tricks available,” Michael shared.   

Their group had a big impact on the Amazon space which eventually led it to become voted as “Best Amazon Facebook Group” in the world. This award has opened up the group to the world by attracting all the major Amazon influencers and so much more.  

“Off the back of this group, Jamie and I launched a private mastermind called the EndGame Access 360° Mastermind. In this paid group, we mentor 312 students to help them navigate their way through the Amazon journey to create successful brands,” Michael said. 

He added that their approach to this mastermind is holistic because they not only work with Amazon techniques, but they also work hard on developing the entrepreneurial mindset for everyone involved. 

Providing Solutions 

Aside from launching the Amazon Facebook group, Michael is also well-known for the entrepreneurial skills that allow him to provide solutions where others see a challenge. 

“My mind works by looking for ways to make things more efficient, easier to do, with less effort.  So essentially, I am a problem solver. I love the challenge of finding a problem and creating a  solution to make people’s lives better,” he said. 

But solving problems is only one of the ways that Michael puts his creativity to work. He also creates various start-ups that have the goal of making people’s lives easier. 

“Creating businesses is my outlet to let my mind flow with ideas to make people’s lives easier and solve all their problems,” Michael shared.

Learn more about Michael Fenech through his Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter accounts. 

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