Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cameron is the son of Iranian immigrant parents. Growing up, he had everything as a kid: loving family, the necessities, and comfortable living. 

He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University Northridge and a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from California Lutheran University. 

Yet despite all his achievements, Cameron still felt insecure and incomplete about some areas in his life. 

“I was tired of living a very mediocre life and being controlled by my insecurities. This eventually drove me to figure out how and why my life was the way it was. I reached out to my father, mentors, and coaches that helped me become the man I am today,” he said. 

During his studies and post-education, Cameron  joined business organizations to help him in different areas of his life such as public speaking, professional development, and self-help. 

By quickly addressing and identifying his insecurities and weaknesses, Cameron was able to grow significantly in a short amount of time. 

“I had many mentors and coaches along the way that were instrumental in my growth. To this day, I am forever grateful for their help,” he shared. 

Teaching From Experience 

Last May 2020, Cameron received coaching that changed his life forever. 

I, along with other men, shared our past traumas and insecurities with men who were qualified to help us out. The advice given to us was mostly anecdotal. In other words, I was rewarded with their wisdom and previous life experiences and how they overcame their personal issues,” Cameron said. 

Cameron’s coaching method is similar since he mostly shares with his clients the mistakes he made and how they can learn from them. 

This encouraged him even more to start his coaching and mentoring brand. 

Creating His Brand

Aside from being a Franchise Owner of a restaurant chain, Cameron also coaches young men aged from 18 to 30 during his free time. 

Launched in January 2021, Cameron’s coaching business, The Grand Male, has already produced results for his clients. It covers areas such as Instagram Profile Development for Dating and Business, Public Speaking and Effective Communication, and the Basics of Dating. 

“I envision my future as me helping men all around the world by freeing them from their own mental constraints. Once they receive my coaching they will become self-sufficient so they can venture off on their own and improve their dating and professional business life,” he said. 

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