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What Inspired Cameron to Become a Coach & Mentor for Men



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cameron is the son of Iranian immigrant parents. Growing up, he had everything as a kid: loving family, the necessities, and comfortable living. 

He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University Northridge and a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from California Lutheran University. 

Yet despite all his achievements, Cameron still felt insecure and incomplete about some areas in his life. 

“I was tired of living a very mediocre life and being controlled by my insecurities. This eventually drove me to figure out how and why my life was the way it was. I reached out to my father, mentors, and coaches that helped me become the man I am today,” he said. 

During his studies and post-education, Cameron  joined business organizations to help him in different areas of his life such as public speaking, professional development, and self-help. 

By quickly addressing and identifying his insecurities and weaknesses, Cameron was able to grow significantly in a short amount of time. 

“I had many mentors and coaches along the way that were instrumental in my growth. To this day, I am forever grateful for their help,” he shared. 

Teaching From Experience 

Last May 2020, Cameron received coaching that changed his life forever. 

I, along with other men, shared our past traumas and insecurities with men who were qualified to help us out. The advice given to us was mostly anecdotal. In other words, I was rewarded with their wisdom and previous life experiences and how they overcame their personal issues,” Cameron said. 

Cameron’s coaching method is similar since he mostly shares with his clients the mistakes he made and how they can learn from them. 

This encouraged him even more to start his coaching and mentoring brand. 

Creating His Brand

Aside from being a Franchise Owner of a restaurant chain, Cameron also coaches young men aged from 18 to 30 during his free time. 

Launched in January 2021, Cameron’s coaching business, The Grand Male, has already produced results for his clients. It covers areas such as Instagram Profile Development for Dating and Business, Public Speaking and Effective Communication, and the Basics of Dating. 

“I envision my future as me helping men all around the world by freeing them from their own mental constraints. Once they receive my coaching they will become self-sufficient so they can venture off on their own and improve their dating and professional business life,” he said. 

Book a consultation with Cameron visit Or for more information on Cameron, check out his Instagram account. 


Money Man Making waves



Young entrepreneur Joe still from a small town in Massachusetts, is making a name for himself in the finance space with tik tok, with an amazing amount of 100k followers on his page. While having 6 other influencers pushing the company he created TLMM “Teach learn Make Money”. The brand Joe Still has established includes a 15,000 discord member community and a full scale website for all inspiring young teens wanting to make money, including various services for all who wish to learn financial literacy.

When asked on why he continues to help others learn Financial literacy he replies – “ After the initial Covid pandemic in 2020 I was left with my landscaping business failing and not being able to graduate properly from high school. Then having been kicked out of my family’s home. And having spent that time living out of my car and periodically in the care of friends. In that time I produced a new me, a better me, a person who helps others learn what I was able to put in place and so TLMM was created”.

Starting from learning to trade in the stock market his freshman year in highschool, to then intern for a local real estate brokerage in his home town to then eventually getting into crypto in 2019. All inevitably becoming the real estate agent, crypto and stock market trader he has become.

Joe still says he spends up to 8 hours a day answering messages from his TikTok followers and is always in a planning development stage type of mindset to grow his business. He plans to have a new redevelopment and program be featured on the TLMM website to serve as a platform for anyone to come across and learn a new skill. He also wishes to develop an app for teens wanting to achieve the same success he did by giving them the resources they need. All around TLMM and the founder Joe Still are both legends in the making. You will most definitely hear more about Joe Still and his Company TLMM in the near future

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Young Johnathan Walters Has Some Tips for Other Young Entrepreneurs



Johnathan Walters is a driven young man trying to change the world—one mission at a time. He may be young, but he’s already made waves in the social entrepreneurship world. He’s on a mission to transform the youth’s perception of hardship, and the entrepreneurship world-and is doing an excellent job. Johnathan Walters started Rascal Land– a multidisciplinary company focusing on clothing, television, and print-as an inspiration after growing up with his mother and witness her work hard to provide for their family. He understands the struggles the youth face and wants to change their narrative. He believes that with vision and determination, the youth can overcome their obstacles and achieve success.

Success has never come on a golden platter to anyone, and when it comes to entrepreneurship, patience, unwavering efforts, and execution have surely produced exceptional businesses. Successful and against-all-odds businessmen and women understand how to thrive in a complicated business and Johnathan Walters is one of those. The Rascal Land founder has been a force in the Chicago business world for quite some time now. Growing up as a young boy and seeing his mother work hard, he was very passionate about success. Walters has seen Rascal Land grow into a multidisciplinary company and diverged into a clothing, television, and print company. Towards the end of 2021, Rascal Land is set to create an animated cartoon show to help school-aged children develop their minds for a brighter future. The inspiring story of Johnathan Walters encourages every youth to think outside the box and not to let any limitation hinder the fulfillment of their dreams.

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How Relationship Coach Theano Evagelou Helps High Performing Entrepreneurs Succeed In Life And Love



There are some instances in life where we just can’t have it all. For instance, some entrepreneurs who are successful in their lives and business don’t warrant the same luck with their relationships. 

Luckily, some people are determined to nudge the business-minded people the right way to create deep connections with others. 

One such person is Theano Evagelou, an Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Sex Educator, and Relationship Coach. Heralded as the “modern-day love doctor,” she works with driven individuals in leadership who want to create powerful, potent, and intimate relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom. 

Leaving An Impact On People’s Lives 

Theano works with high-performing entrepreneurs because she sees that they’re tired of the status quo in their relationships, and she understands that change is necessary. 

“They are driven and able to make changes, but they need to direct this need towards actionable steps,” she said. 

In her coaching program, Theano starts looking at how her clients were raised around money, power, conflict, and love and how that plays out in their life, especially in their relationships, so they can start going into the deep crevices of their hearts shining a light on them once again to synergize their intimate power with all aspects of life.

“When we start to move through disconnection and find our way back home into our bodies, our relationship to self, others, and the world around us begin to change,” Theano said. 

For Theano, her work is about shifting people from who they think they are into who they truly are. She’s passionate about being able to reconnect people to their intimate power with love, loyalty, and enthusiasm so they can feel a deep sense of purpose again. 

How She Became The Modern-Day Love Doctor 

Theano grew up in an entrepreneurial household. She was exposed to examples of female loneliness, fruitless searches for love, acceptance, and worth; examples of male identity-seeking through gambling, infidelity, and anything superficial. 

“After years of my own dysfunctional relationships, consisting of three engagements and a divorce under my belt, it was only after my second divorce 10 years ago that I started to truly explore what it looks like to connect with my femininity in healthy ways and learn to embrace my sexuality with a greater confidence and clarity” Theano shared. 

But she didn’t allow this to take hold of her life. Theano sought wisdom from therapists, listened to motivational speakers, and even took a spiritual tour through endless healing modalities where she managed to delve deep into her own femininity. 

Now, Theano uses her newfound knowledge and acceptance of sexuality and love to empower others to create deep relationships.
Learn more about Theano Evagelou at  

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