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What Inspired Nadia Musharbash To Become A Real Estate Broker



Nadia Musharbash is the daughter of two hardworking parents and the youngest of four siblings. But despite being the youngest in their family, she was raised to be strong and independent. 

“It never mattered if I was a girl, it just meant I had to work a bit harder to prove myself in the world,” she said. 

She eventually started working and earned money but never took it for granted. Yet although she worked and saved, she felt restricted from working in the corporate world. 

Little did Nadia know that there was another career path for her that not only provided her with a source of livelihood but also allowed her to do what she loves. 

How She Started Out 

Ever since she can remember, Nadia has always had an affinity for real estate and investing. She was 21 when she was introduced to the real estate investing world. And being a determined and hardworking person, she decided to make it into a side hustle. 

“With my parents’ help, we bought our first investment property. I was a landlord renting out all the rooms and basement apartment next door while I worked full time,” Nadia shared.

From there, she never looked back and thought about how can she do this all the time where she can do what she loves and have enough to eventually give back to the people she cherishes in life. It later dawned on her to start a career as a real estate broker. 

“After my time in finance and real estate sales, becoming a real estate broker felt like an exciting and natural progression,” she said. 

Providing Clients With Quality Service 

For the past two years, Nadia has been working as a real estate broker in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Her warm personality, determination, and expertise have helped her gain the confidence of several clients who trust her judgment regarding real estate concerns. 

“I’m dedicated to my clients. I want to ensure both buyers and sellers are educated about their choices to provide the highest quality service possible,” she said. 

During her first two years of real estate sales, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Nadia had to adapt to a virtual approach to doing business. There, she has helped more than a dozen clients both in the commercial and residential space.

“I’m adapting to a new virtual model. Maintaining and building strong client relationships will always be key to my success in real estate. I enjoy working with clients who are willing to try a new way of doing business. I believe it’s the future of real estate,” Nadia said.

Learn more about Nadia Musharbash on or on instagram for more information.

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Real Estate Leaders

Why Andrew Sallee’s Work In Real Estate Is Relevant



There is a purpose behind everything we do in life. For instance, entrepreneurs start businesses to invite wealth and create generational wealth for their families. Meanwhile, others start a business to present like-minded individuals with a chance to break through their chosen industry. 

Real estate entrepreneur Andrew Sallee’s purpose behind growing his business to where it is today is the knowledge of knowing that he can help others live a better life through his philanthropic efforts. 

He’s the type of person who invests in people because he knows what they’re capable of if given the chance to unlock their potential. 

Giving Back to the Community 

For more than 20 years, the Rock Island, Illinois native managed to grow his real estate portfolio to $75M. But aside from pursuing his goal of developing his business to achieving $1B in total assets, he uses the profits from his acquisitions and other projects for good deeds. 

“My work in real estate is important to me because it allows me to invest in my community and make an impact on my community through my philanthropic efforts,” he said. 

Andrew supports his charitable foundation, Andy’s Kids, along with other organizations such as Big Brother, Big Sister in Davenport, the Davenport YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity among others.

His faith and vision on the impact he wants to leave in the community are what motivate Andrew to keep going everyday and develop his real estate business.

Recently, Andrew acquired several properties such as the Northtown Strip Center, a farmland in Bloomington, Illinois, and a 100 unit multi-family property in Davenport.

Investing In Himself 

Andrew’s faith in people and their potential started with himself. Like the people he helps in his foundations and other organizations, Andrew also invested in himself to become the successful entrepreneur that he is today. 

“Everything I’ve earned has been built from what I’ve been able to earn beginning with my sales career, then my company all through my investments,” he said. 

He started his career by spending 10 years in sales, starting a siding and roofing business before building his real estate portfolio into $75M worth of total assets. 

For years, Andrew attended nine to twelve different conferences every year, giving him the chance to educate himself and grow. 

“Never stop investing in yourself. You are your single most important and valuable asset, so act like it every day,” he said.

Visit Andrew Sallee’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information. 

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Social media is growing every day, and so are the people who are active on them. Randy Selzer is an agent from Toronto, ON in the GTA area who’s made an impactful presence online.

Randy is an agent who was known well in his area but wasn’t all too big on the internet just yet. Within 2020 and 2021, Randy Selzer has had a huge take off Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Reaching the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people, Randy Selzer has reached incredible notoriety with his content and insider secrets. We’re excited to have Randy share some of them with us all today. Here’s what we were able to ask the trending Toronto agent.

RedXMagazine – What got you started on all these creative podcasts you’ve been doing?

Randy Selzer – The podcasts were originally a fun side project that we decided to do when there were a few people that I wanted to interview, who were camera-shy. We quickly realized the potential for podcasting, especially for longer recordings that might be too long for the average video consumer on YouTube. The audiences for podcasting and for video are completely different.

RedXMagazine If you weren’t doing real estate, what would you be doing right now?

Randy Selzer – Real estate is all I know. At this point, I don’t know how to do anything else! If I wasn’t working in real estate, I would probably be living on a beach somewhere, hopefully in the Caribbean.

RedXMagazine How do you feel about other agents looking up to you as a successful real-estate influencer?

Randy Selzer – Well, that’s very flattering to hear, although I still consider myself only a student of the sales process. There are always new things to learn, new processes to test, new technologies to embrace.

RedXMagazine You made a statement online about going backpacking to Europe alone, when you were 18. Can you tell us about that story and what happened?

Randy Selzer – I had made plans to go on a six-month trip with a friend of mine from university, and we were to go backpacking across Europe. At the last minute my friend cancelled on me, and I was faced with the choice of either cancelling my own trip, or going solo. I decided to go ahead alone, and the trip turned out to be the best trip ever – truly a life changing experience. I ended up making many new friends while travelling, having a lot of adventures, seeing the beauty of Europe, and even working in a restaurant for a while. When I finally returned home to Canada, I was a different person.

RedXMagazineName us a few agents in your area that have also excelled in their career like you!

Randy Selzer – There are many successful agents in my marketplace. The one who is a true master of marketing, and who has been a ninja at scaling his business, is Sam McDadi. The Loretta Phinney Team as also notable, as is James Hodgins.

RedXMagazineWhy is it that there’s so much competition in Real Estate, especially in Ontario, Canada?

Randy Selzer – I wish I knew the answer to that! Truthfully, real estate prices are so high in my area, that many people are drawn to the business in search of the big commissions they think are there.

RedXMagazineWe know you’ve come up with incredible tactics to make it to where you are today. But what are some insider secrets you can share with us about the housing industry and growing as an agent?

Randy Selzer – Growing as an agent involves a lot of hard work, and a willingness to go the extra mile. While there are many lessons that I’ve learned during my career, here are three core values that might help new agents grow a successful business that lasts: 1.) understand that your real estate practice is a business, and you are the owner. When you understand that you are not an employee, but are the CEO of your business, you will look at things differently. 2.) listen carefully to what your customers are asking, and provide them with answers that will address their pain points. 3.) always put your customers’ best interests first, ahead of your own, no matter what.

RedXMagazineWhat will be next for you? You’ve built up such a platform, we’re all excited to see your next take on your content!

Randy Selzer – We continue to expand awareness of our brand online through the many channels that are out there! 1.) regular content creation that provides real value to the consumer 2.) evolving techniques in SEO, including new methodologies such as short videos and voice-search 3.) multiple coordinated touchpoints in social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, and so on.

RedXMagazine You’ve been selling in the GTA area for a while, and you’ve certainly succeeded. Do you have plans to move beyond Ontario, or even Canada?

Randy Selzer – Southern Ontario is a vast area, and has plenty to keep us busy!

RedXMagazineLets end with an inspiring message to share to those who are all reading! What’s a famous quote that you hold onto, and that has got you to where you are now?

Randy Selzer – I’ve always liked this one by Jim Rohn: “Life and business is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Therein lies the opportunity to live an extraordinary life–the opportunity to change yourself.”

Connect with Randy Selzer below! Instagram –
YouTube –
Twitter –
TikTok –
Website –

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How Dan Costantino Cultivated His Passion For Real Estate



Every single one of us has a passion that we want to pursue. Lucky are those who have had the opportunity to see their dream unfold and do something they love. But those who turn their passion into something greater demand a good level of respect because of how they maximized their potential and used it to their advantage. 

Such is the case for real estate investor Dan Costantino. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Dan created an integrated network of companies to build an impressive real estate portfolio. 

Working His Way to the Top 

Before Dan got into real estate investing, he worked as a sales executive in the logistics industry. But he saw that the companies he worked for kept changing their commission structure for the worse. He eventually came across self-development books and learned about flipping houses. This nudged him to pursue his passion for real estate. 

Since then, Dan has been building his real estate empire. His primary business focuses on building a multi-family rental portfolio, flipping, and hard money lending. He owns a five-star construction company and property management company to support the growth of the investment segments of the business.

When Dan quit his supply chain career at the end of 2018, he had 30 rental units. He currently owns over 415 units, has flipped over 50 homes, and has funded over 150 loans to other real estate investors. 

Dan’s determination and devotion to real estate also earned him some recognition from the industry. He was featured in WQEDʼs Flip Pittsburgh Special.  He has also been a featured speaker at the Pittsburgh and Beaver County ACRE meetings. 

Building a Legacy and a Community 

Aside from being enamored by the process of flipping houses, Dan was also inspired to venture into the real estate industry for the people around him. 

“We get to build and improve communities. I am also motivated by the fact that we have a team that gets up every day to work on the mission and achieve the vision. I can’t let them down, and most importantly, I can’t let down my family,” he said. 

In growing his real estate empire, Dan secures his profits and opportunities by growing his portfolio. But the real estate industry already has numerous players looking for success. Dan’s solution comes from his consideration for others. 

“We have a team that works very well together, and they are complemented by our customers on just about every job. We focus on our people and we feel like if we treat our employees well, they’ll treat our customers well,” he said. 

Learn more about Dan Costantino through his Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 

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