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What Inspired Roy Lee To Start Nouhaus, The World’s First Showroom-Less Furniture Brand



After graduating, Korean-born Roy Lee built and sold a popular K-beauty brand. Sometime later, he found himself consulting for one of the biggest massage chairs in Korea. But the job did more than just require his expertise and boost his knowledge about the furniture industry; it also inspired him to start a brand of his own. 

Seeing the numbers that a furniture business amasses, he decided to start a massage chair company in the US with a core value of creating something that has never been done before. As a result, Nouhaus was born. 

“I’m just like most entrepreneurs, I saw a profitable business that I knew I could replicate. Money, or at the very least, not going broke, inspires most folks who go into business. But as for the inspiration to go 100 percent e-commerce, it was driven by my value to be unique and do things differently,” Roy said. 

Making A Pivotal Decision

When Roy launched Nouhaus in the US, he saw that the massage chairs they were marketing weren’t a hit with the customers since they’re just a starting brand. But instead of getting disheartened, he decided to follow the market and eventually shift their focus to office furniture. 

“Office chairs became a big hit during the pandemic, and selling them helped build trust in our brand. Our sales started growing and we quickly hit $30 million and became one of the top 5 office chair companies on Amazon,” he said

Creating A Unique Brand 

A little over a year from the beginning of the global pandemic, when online shopping and working remotely has become the norm for almost everyone, Roy’s decision to leverage the e-commerce space has become groundbreaking for him and customers everywhere. 

So to make sure that customers get the best quality of Nouhas’s products, Roy and his team decided to combine affordability, ergonomics, and interior design into every single piece.

Nouhaus believes all-encompassing furniture is no longer a luxury that comes with a sacrifice. They created their products to become a meaningful must-have that provides comfort and luxury for anyone who is inspired to own it. 

Today, Nouhaus is valued at $100 million and has achieved the recognition of being the only exclusively e-commerce furniture brand that brings daily massage into US homes, and becoming the only furniture house to create all-encompassing furniture for everyone.

By finding inspiration and aiming to create never-before-seen products and services, Roy has established Nouhaus as one of the brands that customers should look out for. His ability to adapt to the market and provide people with quality products has also shown his potential and tenacity as an entrepreneur. 
Find out more about Nouhaus on Instagram.

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