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What Inspired Roy Lee To Start Nouhaus, The World’s First Showroom-Less Furniture Brand



After graduating, Korean-born Roy Lee built and sold a popular K-beauty brand. Sometime later, he found himself consulting for one of the biggest massage chairs in Korea. But the job did more than just require his expertise and boost his knowledge about the furniture industry; it also inspired him to start a brand of his own. 

Seeing the numbers that a furniture business amasses, he decided to start a massage chair company in the US with a core value of creating something that has never been done before. As a result, Nouhaus was born. 

“I’m just like most entrepreneurs, I saw a profitable business that I knew I could replicate. Money, or at the very least, not going broke, inspires most folks who go into business. But as for the inspiration to go 100 percent e-commerce, it was driven by my value to be unique and do things differently,” Roy said. 

Making A Pivotal Decision

When Roy launched Nouhaus in the US, he saw that the massage chairs they were marketing weren’t a hit with the customers since they’re just a starting brand. But instead of getting disheartened, he decided to follow the market and eventually shift their focus to office furniture. 

“Office chairs became a big hit during the pandemic, and selling them helped build trust in our brand. Our sales started growing and we quickly hit $30 million and became one of the top 5 office chair companies on Amazon,” he said

Creating A Unique Brand 

A little over a year from the beginning of the global pandemic, when online shopping and working remotely has become the norm for almost everyone, Roy’s decision to leverage the e-commerce space has become groundbreaking for him and customers everywhere. 

So to make sure that customers get the best quality of Nouhas’s products, Roy and his team decided to combine affordability, ergonomics, and interior design into every single piece.

Nouhaus believes all-encompassing furniture is no longer a luxury that comes with a sacrifice. They created their products to become a meaningful must-have that provides comfort and luxury for anyone who is inspired to own it. 

Today, Nouhaus is valued at $100 million and has achieved the recognition of being the only exclusively e-commerce furniture brand that brings daily massage into US homes, and becoming the only furniture house to create all-encompassing furniture for everyone.

By finding inspiration and aiming to create never-before-seen products and services, Roy has established Nouhaus as one of the brands that customers should look out for. His ability to adapt to the market and provide people with quality products has also shown his potential and tenacity as an entrepreneur. 
Find out more about Nouhaus on Instagram.

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How the Disconnection Between Our Heart & Mind is Destroying Our Planet



The mind and the heart in the collective consciousness has been chronically disconnected. We are living in a time where it is vital for the regeneration and raising of consciousness in the world for our mind and our hearts to be working in union. 

This disconnection can be seen in the destruction and extraction of our Earth, the focus of individuality over community, profit over people and the continued violence rooted in hatred against Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Reclaiming a balance seems more necessary than ever before to bring about a more just, regenerative and thriving planet for future generations.

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies

The heart can be considered connected to feminine energies, whereas the mind could be connected to masculine energies. If we consider the heart or the feminine qualities to be leading, we are looking at unconditional love, compassion, intuition, nurturance, and creativity to be guiding the way. On the contrary, the mind or the masculine qualities to be following the hearts lead by taking logical, practical, action oriented, disciplined, stable action on the manifestation of the heart. Then, we see these two dancing in harmony.

The Eagle & Condor Prophecy

There is a widely-known indigenous Eagle & Condor Prophecy which talks about the Eagle representing the mind of North (North America) and the Condor representing the heart of the South (South America) that speaks of a 500 year cycle beginning in the 1490’s during which the “Eagle People” would become so powerful that they would nearly eradicate the “Condor People” out of existence. This can be seen in the mass genocide, colonization and oppression of the Americas and it’s indigenous peoples throughout history and continuing. As we know, indigenous peoples are those who are the original tenders and caretakers of the Earth. 

The prophecy states that over the course of this 500-year cycle, The Eagle and the Condor unite to fly together and create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

Building Roots & a Bridge Between the North & the South

As a life-long earth steward, tender of the sacred, artist and earth-rooted leadership guide, my path has guided me to build a strong rooted bridge between North & South America. I was even gifted a Condor feather in Chile a few years back by a medicine man who told me “You are a messenger between worlds.” I humbly accept this offering and responsibility.

This idea of balancing the heart and the mind, and the masculine and feminine energies, even appearing as the reclaiming of the non-binarism, gender non-comforming or the indigenous 2-Sprit identities, that we’re seeing emerging in the world today has become a cornerstone embodiment and wisdom piece that I’ve carried along in my journey to be of service to this through everything I do. 

An Offering to this Mission Through a Fusion of Hip-Hop Music & Traditional Andean EDM

An offering to this mission has come in the form of a musical collaboration between an internationally known Chilean artist, Rodrigo Gallardo who fuses Traditional South American Indigenous Andean music with EDM and (my) Sister Stone’s R&B & Hip-Hop music with sweet vocals and piercing lyrics that send musical medicine straight to the heart and soul of everyone who listens. This remix of Sister Stone’s track “Relations” was released Friday, June 18th on all major streaming platforms and you can receive that here:

Ecologically & Culturally Revitalizing the Indigenous Peoples of Chile

Coinciding with this release, these artists partner with Budi Anumka & Maple Micro Development whose mission is to culturally and ecologically revitalie the Indigenous Mapuche peoples of Chile through education, research and dialogue with ancestral knowledge. They work towards providing self-governance models to revalidate the role of the territorial authorities of their ceremonial centers and land. People can donate here to the cause:

Supporting the revitalization of indigenous peoples on our planet is contributing to the rebalancing of the heart and mind of our world to ensure the earth-based, ancestral technology that is so vital for our future is preserved. 

We can each choose to both live more from our hearts and from taking care of our Earth in accordance with the Eagle & Condor Prophecy. It starts with re-balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves that will ripple out when we align our actions with what is in highest and best interest for creating a just, sustainable and spiritually connected world for our future generations.

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How Basketball Prodigy Khaleel Abdullah leveraged Social Media in His Career



Who would’ve thought 10 years ago that social media would be such an integral part of the everyday life of a person? Who knew that these platforms would be able to help us order food faster, sell more stuff easier and even connect to people on the other side of the world with just one tap? Such is the reality now in the digital era where everyone is using their social media accounts to gain as much leverage in life. 

For Khaleel Abdullah, being connected to people through social media platforms is an integral part to the success that he is building.

How it all started

Khaleel Abdullah is a 17 year old basketball prodigy that is playing for Flint Hill School with a position of point guard. He was born in Haymarket, VA and has been always active not just academically but also in his community. He has always been a good student putting premium on achieving high grades while still being able to help others by volunteering at his local food bank. His dream has always been to play pro basketball in the future to which he also trains younger kids to learn the game.

Khaleel has always been the kind of person that connects with people around him. And when social media platforms began to rise, he saw the opportunity to be able to connect to more people. He started by making an Instagram account that he would post content regularly. Through consistency and dedication, his personal IG now has gained a total of 66,000 followers while his IG that is focused on his basketball career is currently close to 5,000 followers. Khaleel may have been known first as a basketball player but his popularity came from a different source.

The Platform that made Him famous

From starting his social media journey through Instagram, Khaleel managed to get into a new social media powerhouse which is Tiktok. His fame in that platform all started in March of 2020. He started blowing up when he did a series of videos on body count trend on TV characters. This kind of content was received by the public as something that is funny and amusing at the same time as he guessed how many times that character has slept with someone. During his body count videos, he was able to amass an average of 2 to 4 million views per video. That is not an easy feat as there are alot of trends in Titkok that take a share in the competition but Khaleel was able to pull it off and make it famous. 

He also made a sound go viral which was “Hey Lol”. It is a sound that someone plays to see if their family or friends know the starting sound of a Pornhub video. This tricks them to look where the sound came from which exposes them. This sound was so popular that even Charli D’amelio used it in one of her tiktok videos adding more popularity and traffic to Khaleel’s page. Other news sites like Insider also took notice and made a specific article to explain what Hey Lol is to the public. The sound basically became GLOBAL all thanks to Khaleel’s ingenuity and ability to produce content that connects to people. All of this contributed to the gain of followers that he experienced. Currently he has 1.6million followers on Tiktok and it’s been on a steady increase since he started. 

Right now, Khaleel seeks to expand his platform by starting a youtube account that would enable him to be more creative than before. He has also started selling merch named Infinite Smiles Clothing which sells shirts and hoodies with great designs. His goal this year is to gain more followers and get scholarships for his basketball career. 

Lessons He learned so far

Being a 17 year old with a bright future in basketball and a huge following comes with different responsibilities. Even though Khaleel has been blessed with such a position in life, he still wants to be perceived as a cool and funny guy. A very laid back person that is always working hard on his craft whether it’s on Basketball or on Tiktok.

He also became smarter in his journey to success. He noted that it’s important not to trust everyone you see. You will meet plenty of people in the social media game and many of them will be nice and friendly with you until you are no longer on their level. People should always watch out for themselves and always get their money up.

To learn more about Khaleel Abdullah, head over to his personal Instagram, basketball Instagram account, Snapchat or his Tiktok account. Check also his merch Website: Infinite Smile Clothing

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Get to know upcoming producer “Cash Counta”




17 year old upcoming producer out of Memphis, TN Corban Reynolds known as “Cash Counta” has been making a lot of noise as of lately. While spending most his life in Memphis he ended up moving to Nashville, TN at 12 years old when his mother tragically passed away. Now a senior in high school “Cash Counta” has been making beats professionally now for 2 years. I got to connect with Cash to ask him a few questions about his career process so far.

What influenced you to jump into producing?

“My whole life I been in church and music has always been apart of me, from playing drums or the piano. I didn’t even know what producing was until my freshman year in highschool. I was in class and my boy “Chris The Six” (producer) was making beats in class, & taught me how to do it, ever since then been doing it at a consitent rate.”

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved since you’ve started?

“Personally, my name has grown all over Tennessee, not just Nashville. I’ve taught myself how to do everything from engineering to producing. I’ve collabed with some talented artists in Nashville like (Ganz & Lil Queze, Pressure 1K, 4100icy) Memphis rapper, Lil Migo, also reached out to me about beats I also started a clothing line that relates to my music as well”.

If 3 major artists were to hear your beat right now which 3 artists would hop on instantly & why?

 “I love the detroit scene so if anybody were to hear my beats & love them it would be EST Gee. I also like that Atlanta sound, Future would definitely love my beats, and Lil Durk because my favorite beats to make are soothing, melodic beats with depth.”

Who are 3 producers you look up to in the game?

“I look up to Southside for his ethnic and Orchestral type beats, I look up to Wheezy for his versatility in his drum patterns and crazy melodies, and he thinks outside the box. Last but not least most importantly Tay Keith, we from the same place and I see how far he’s came from just being himself and being genuine. If he can do it I know I can make it.”

What are some things you have coming up here in the near future?

 “I got some placements coming soon with a lot of Atlanta rappers, and my new mini-documentary about my process with making beats is dropping next month.”

The best has yet to come for “Cash Counta” we are excited to see all the upcoming accomplishments coming here in the near future. If you want to keep up with all his upcoming moves follow his Instagram & Twitter all linked below.

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