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What is a Polo Belt?



Krono Polo is known for making luxury leather products, beautifully handcrafted in France, Italy or Argentina. Polo Belts are a sought-after item in their leather collection, it is a product they sell all over the world.

A polo belt, also known as gaucho belt, has its roots in the polo culture of Argentina, it is a style of leather belt decorated with Inca patterns, usually hand stitches with waxed horsehair.

There are many designs available, different colour combinations and usually showing Inca diamond motif, reflecting the valleys of the Andes Mountain which are besides the polo fields of Patagonia in Argentina.

The Argentine gauchos (cowboys from Argentina) created the polo belt when they got introduced to the sport. They used during polo games to identify teams by their colours. They are still used by polo players nowadays, with some of best polo teams like La Natividad Polo, has one Krono belt in their colours black and green.

You don’t have to play polo to wear a polo belt, they are a great gift or accessory, very versatile, they can be worn with many styles, casual or smart. With a suit, chinos, jeans for men, or some shorts or around the waist of a maxi dress for women. There is no limit on how you should be wearing the belt. The variation of colours gives you so many combinations of outfits to wear with it.

All the Krono Polo belts are handmade by skilled artisans in Argentina, using the best quality vegetal leather. Each belt woven can take up to 5 hours to make. They are not only designed to adjust and keep your trousers in place, but the polo belts are also work of art, there isn’t one the same as the other, the luxury only a handmade item can offer you. Krono Polo offers personalisation services to make your belt even more unique by either offering a special design in your colours or colours of your team, or by putting the initials of the future wearer to make it a great gift. Each belt is boxed in a beautiful package.

Have you ever watched a polo game?

If not, you should. It is one of the most beautiful games to watch. The horses, the speed, the crowd,

it’s an incredible feeling.

Polo is one of the oldest team sports in the world. Born in Persia, then played in India by the British army before bringing it back home to England, polo is played by two teams of 4 players competing to

score by hitting a ball with a mallet made of bamboo into a goal. Many royals like Kings Charles or his children Prince William and Prince Harry are regular polo players, a sport they have been playing from a young age at worldwide events.

If you are looking for a polo belt, please consult Krono Polo website , they have a vast variety of belts, and they can also custom make them in the colours of any polo team as they supply polo teams and polo clubs worldwide.

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