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What Is Job Blast?



Job Blast is the job advertising site of Ignites and FundFire. Ignite is a publication covering the mutual fund industry, and FundFire is a publication for the separate account industry. Job Blast ads go in their daily news emails for a week, and are on their sites for four weeks.

By sending your jobs to both audiences, Job Blast ads reach more than 250,000 subscribers, the largest concentrated audience of investment management professionals. This ensures you not only reach experienced candidates, but that your ads get in front of passive candidates who aren’t on job boards. Together, Job Blast ads are more likely to produce the high-quality resumes you’re looking for than our competitors.

FundFire is the leading source of competitive intelligence for the separately managed account industry. Each morning, we deliver a mix of original articles and summaries of the most important industry news to over 80,000 readers, which helps investors, managers, and consultants stay abreast of the changes in their industry.

Investment managers read FundFire to find out what competitors and prospective clients are doing and thinking. Financial advisors, investment consultants, pension plans, endowments, and foundations rely on FundFire to power their money management IQ.

Job Blast is an asset management industry talent acquisition tool. With Job Blast, your job listings are posted in the news emails and on the websites of FundFire and Ignites, meaning you’ll:

  • Reach over 250,000 asset management professionals
  • Connect with passive candidates who don’t regularly visit job boards
  • Save time by getting qualified resumes

With a more competitive job market than ever, post with Job Blast today to find the talent you need

Who are we? Ignites Job Blast: Who We Are:

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Fred Thompson

Sales & Marketing Dir. of Job Blast

Money-Media – A Financial Times Company

330 Hudson Street, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10013

D: 212-542-1292

[email protected]


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