The historical legacies of discrimination and prejudice cause unequal distribution of resources across different genders, races, and other specific identity marks. This inequality causes an unfair disadvantage to marginalized groups who do not get to access the same resources as the privileged groups. Women of color face the blunt edge of the knife even more – they do not get to access the same education and professional opportunities as the men or white women around them.

To create a fairer society, it was imperative to uplift young BIPOC women through allyship. To actualize this vision, Dr. Natanya Wachtel’s efforts to help make resources accessible to BIPOC women are truly commendable. Determined to broaden the scope of this vision, she became the Board Chair of is an organization that empowers women to achieve greatness through scholarship and mentorship programs. They define their main agenda as, “We are a community of women of color who are kicking down doors, shattering glass ceilings, and raising each other up. We create a safe space for women to thrive, whether it’s providing support and inspiration, celebrating our wins, learning a new skill, or embracing the tough convos. We are creating a new future for women like us.”

The organization has guided many women in their careers and education through its mentorship program. Their Dream in Color – a grant to empower future WOC creators offers scholarships to WOC students and creatives alike.

Owing to the organization’s noble mission, Dr. Natanya says that it has “a big place in my heart.” She also notes the support it has garnered over time, as many agencies and organizations have also supported the “multidisciplinary” group of Glad about its progress, she shared, “I am pretty proud to say that we are growing by the hundreds on the mentor side.”

Dr. Natanya wants to call upon more people to this incredible venture, as the scope of its efforts will only increase in the future.

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Besides her work in the educational sector, including serving as strategic advisor to, Dr. Natanya has also partnered with leading wellness brands including The Chopra Foundation to make health practices more accessible and inclusive. Follow her on LinkedIn to see her extensive portfolio and projects.