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What Makes Justin Bergmann’s Security Company Different From The Rest



In an unpredictable and often chaotic world, people have the urge to take extra measures regarding their safety. This includes setting up security cameras, enforcing locks, and even placing their valuables in a fortified location. 

To help ease the public’s mind, several companies have made it their mission to make security items available to the people. But Justin Bergmann, the CEO of All World Protection which is a tech-driven security company, decided to take things to the next level when it comes to securing lives and their safety. 

Listening To Clients’ Needs 

All World Protection does more than just provide the necessary equipment to keep homes and businesses safe. According to Justin, his company prioritizes human lives which is why he caters their security systems to their clients’ needs and provides the best experience for users. 

Justin’s company specializes in CCTV with A.I. analytics, video monitoring, access control, talk down warnings, alarm systems, and custom security plans to teach users, their families, and their employees how to create the most holistic and secure environment possible.

“Anyone can buy a security system. The key is knowing how to integrate the hardware and software with a holistic security plan to teach people what their role is in the process,” Justin said. 

Having this knowledge and implementation is what makes people safer. Aside from the video system showing the users what’s happening in their properties, he also tells them what to do, which provides another level of security that most people are looking for. 

There are some instances when people lose their train of thought during stressful events which is why Justin learned to anticipate these scenarios to keep people’s safety from being compromised. 

Motivated By Life Experiences 

According to Justin, his motivation for starting All World Protection comes from his innate drive to help people. Plus, he has spent most of his life helping people in matters of security. 

For 25 years, Justin has been working in the Los Angeles police department as a senior lead officer before he retired and became CEO of his security company. During his time, he encountered several concerns about safety from many residents in his jurisdiction. 

Because of his knowledge and experience of the risks around society, he used it to make his security company trustworthy and a brand that people can turn to. 

“If you truly want to help people, they will see that and trust you and want to do business with you,” he said. 

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