At 35-years-old, Justin Winn Waller is the youngest member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA). He also owns a construction and real estate company that employs 90 people in over 10 states at a time.

His successes stemmed from his ability to overcome the small-town mindset which was prevalent in his hometown of Denham Springs, Louisiana. Justin isn’t the type of person who would just sit still, and this curiosity is what allowed him to reach new heights which he didn’t know existed until he went looking for them. 

Now, Justin is helping his employees create new opportunities in their careers by providing them with a conducive work environment that fosters growth in all aspects. 

Building Up A Great Team 

When it comes to turning his passion into profits, Justin believes that he shouldn’t be focused on what he does. Instead, he has to think about how he does it. 

So in interacting with his team and field staff, he makes sure that he encourages them to believe that they can continually grow and get better every day, every quarter, and every year. 

“I believe we have the best culture in the metal building space. This allows us to create a less stressful environment for employees and customers in the field,” Justin said. 

He added that they also have an all-female construction management staff who perform their tasks efficiently. 

By making his team feel safe and through continuous encouragement, Justin has created a situation where he leaves a positive impact on others as he makes a living from doing what he loves. 

Single-Handedly Starting A Business 

Justin’s humble upbringing kept him from experiencing such opportunities as having investors and beneficial family connections that he could leverage as he was growing his business. 

But being determined to rise above the small-town life, Justin wasn’t fazed by this situation. Rather, he turned it into a learning moment from which he could grow and sought help from mentors like Grey Smith, Sean Smith, Eric Kay, and Mike Reynolds.

As he built his business, he learned a lot about mental toughness and how pain and pressure can make a man.

“Each time I grew into a larger problem, it was an opportunity to read a book, make a phone call or attend a seminar. I did this and plan to continue this course as it seems to have worked for me time and time again over the years,” Justin said. 

His company has worked on projects in almost all 50 states and the Caribbean, building everything from airplane hangers to large box stores like Rooms to Go and Costco.

Learn more about Justin Winn Waller through his Instagram page.