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What Separates CBDPure From the Rest of The Industry



Cannabidiol Oil, more popularly known as CBD oil, has become one of the most popular items used within the lifestyle of the health-conscious consumer. Used for its numerous benefits including anti anxiety and inflammatory responses, CBD has flooded the market in a number of different products including oils and softgels. Although many CBD products may look similar, they are by no means all made the same, an idea taken personally by family-operated company CBDPure

CBDPure’s line of products including oils, creams and softgels are award winning for a number of reasons. A pioneer in all-natural CBD Products, CBDPure creates the perfect oil using non-GMO hemp grown only by local family farmers in Washington and Colorado. Using no artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives, CBDPure uses only high quality ingredients found in nature. 

The misconception that all CBD oils are produced the same or have the same effects is what prevents health-conscious consumers from getting the best out of their products. Most CBD products circulating the market are unregulated and untested, meaning a number of harmful additives and chemicals could be ingested by consumers including toxic metals and pesticides. Additionally, it was found that many untested products contained less CBD than advertised, meaning consumers are losing both money and potential health benefits. 

This distribution of quality throughout the industry is what truly sets CBDPure apart from its competitors. To maintain their own standard for quality, CBDPure tests each link on the production chain to ensure every drop of CBDPure’s products is the purest, most natural source of CBD on the market. Additionally, every batch of CBDPure products are quality tested by a third-party lab, providing quality and potency results which are publicly available for customer review. 

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Podcast Leader

Upcoming Entrepreneur “YSN” Is The True Definition Of Versatility & Hard Work




Upcoming Entrepreneur “YSN” has been working his way through the game for a few years doing many different things! I got the chance to connect with him & ask him a few questions about his come up so far.

Tell me about yourself & how you got started?

“I would say I’m a jack of all trades. I’m an artist, radio personality, and podcaster. I also emcee and DJ on occasion. I got my first gig as a DJ at the skating rink in my hometown when I was 16 years old and everything just went up from there. That was my first time spinning records and entertaining a crowd and I got the hang of it pretty quick.  Not too long after I started DJ’ing, I started making music after my cousin kept inviting me to his studio. I was nervous about putting my songs out at first, but when I did, everyone at my school was rocking with it so I just kept doing it.  I stayed on the DJ and rap grind up until I went to college at The University of Tennessee – Knoxville. When I got to UT, I started doing radio at WUTK 90.3 The Rock for a grade in my journalism class and immediately fell in love with it. It was pretty much what I was doing for 2 years at the skating rink, just without the crowd. After my first semester was over, they invited me back to do more with the station and I eventually got added as a co-host on The Edutainment Hip Hop Show and promoted to Music Director.  When I got into position there, I started all the connections I made through making music and began giving all the dope artists I knew a platform to shine. Whether it was spinning their records or giving them an interview, I had the door open for all the dope underground artists to showcase themselves on the radio. I kept that hustle going all through college, but Covid forced me to make some changes. When it first came down, I wasn’t able to have any artists in the station for interviews or anything like that so I had to think of a way I can keep the ball rolling, and that’s how the podcast came about. I took all the money I had, and invested in mics and studio equipment, setup my website, and YSN Radio was born. My initial goal was to make it an extension of my radio show, and now it just passed its first year and still going. Shortly after I graduated college, I got my first professional radio job as an On-Air Personality and Board Operator for B97.5 Knoxville. So now, I’m still making music, radio grind is going strong, and the podcast is steadily growing. I’m very excited to see what’s next in store.”

When was it you realized you had the perfect voice for radio & what caused you to take things serious?

” The first time I talked on radio was when I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Like I said before, I started doing it for a grade in my class, then they invited me back and I started getting more time behind the mic and doing more behind the scenes is when I began to think more about what I could do with it. When they sent me to Gulf Shores to do press coverage at Hangout Festival 2019 is when I decided that I definitely was going to make this into a career.”

Describe the perfect preparation of a YSN interview?

“Before I interview someone, I try to get a feel for who they are by checking out their social media and watching other interviews they did if they have them. I also listen to a lot of their music, both old and new, to get a feel for how they’ve progressed as an artist. While I’m doing all that, I just take notes on what I find so I go in with a whole list of questions and talking points.”

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments since you’ve started?

Being able to turn a class assignment into a career

Doing press coverage for Hangout Fest

Interviewing Duke Deuce right before he blew up

Who are your top 3 figures you would like to interview in the future & why?

“I really wanted to talk to Young Dolph, he was one of my favorite rappers and someone I looked up to when it came to grinding independently and taking care of your people. Some other people I would love to have on the show is Lil Baby, I think he’s one of the dopest artists out of ATL right now. Dave Chappelle would also be a dope interview because not only is he hilarious, he’s also very insightful too so I think it would make for a great conversation.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I just rolled out season 3 of my podcast, YSN Radio, so I’m going to be pushing that super heavy and growing my brand. I have some new music that’s been in the vault for a minute, so when the time is right, I’ll be hopping back into my rapper bag. I’m gonna keep up on the radio grind too, like I said I just got my first professional radio job so I’ll be running that up and see where it takes me.”

Its fair the to say the future is going to very bright for “YSN” as he grows each & every day. If you want to keep up with YSN & his upcoming moves be sure to check out his website for his podcast & also follow his social media links all linked below!

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Nashville Upcoming Artist “LuPicasso” Is A Name To Watch In 2022




Upcoming Nashville artist “LuPicasso” has been on the come up the past year with hot singles & his debut album “Welcome 2 The Trap”. We got to connect with him & ask him a few questions about his come up so far.

Describe the creation of your last project  “Death B4 Dishoner” how was the process of putting it together?

“Death B4 Dishoner was overdue so dropping this project meant something to me because it’s plenty of things I could have spoke about in my life, but I just kept it to a minimum for now. I just want everybody to feel where I’m coming without saying to much if that makes sense.”

What was it that pushed you to start taking music serious?

“ You know your going to always have that circle around you that pushes you to chase your dream but you also always have those people that hold you back to so it was really when my cousin “Binladen” got back outta jail 2yrs or 3yrs ago. Also me & my brother “Knock Osama” I went to school with linked back up we been going up ever since, as well as my Big cousin “Tezzo” he had a big part in pushing me to do music.”

If you were to collab with 3 producers in the game who would it be & why?

“ London On The Track , BandPlay & Zaytoven because their beats just be having me feeling the vibe, ready to paint a picture. I don’t really have to think to hard about anything to say.”

Describe what makes your sound different than others

“ My flow gives off trap, hustling & going up in the club vibes, but the way I create most my songs I try to paint a picture like “Pablo Picasso” that’s where my name comes from Lu Picasso.”

How big are you on the business side of music & what are some things you can do to learn more about it?

“ Now I’m big on the business part of music, now that I see how important it is. Being around people you call family that’s motivating closed mouths don’t get fed but always you have to know when to listen.”

What are some things you have coming up for the rest of the year? 

“ The rest of 2021 my new video “Beeper” will be dropping later this month & my new single “Designer” drops the December 15th but next year in 2022 things are going to be major just make sure you all stay tapped in with me!”

If you want to stay tapped in with “LuPicasso” you can stay updated with his music or social life by clicking his music/social media links all linked below!

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Things You Should Know About KRISTINA URRIBARRES

Kristina Urribarres was born in Ukraine, but she’s half Ukrainian and half Cuban. She moved to the States at the age of 12 and went to school and college in Virginia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University. While at University, she started her YouTube channel and has since worked with numerous makeup and fashion brands, including Fashion Nova, Insert Name Here and Honeybum. 

She decided to pursue the YouTube career after graduating college and made the move to Los Angeles by herself. Since then, she has amassed a large following on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram under the handle @k3chocolate. You may have seen her in viral Facebook videos with other creators, which have accumulated hundreds of millions of views on her K3chocolate page. 

Earlier in 2020, Kristina was hand-picked as one of only 6 ambassadors to represent the Los Angeles-based skincare brand, Derma E for the 2020/2021 year. Derma E specializes in environment-friendly and vegan skincare products. Kristina has been vegetarian since 2014 and supports environmental integrity, so it’s an amazing fit. 

Health and fitness is important to Kristina, especially after having an extreme case of Covid-19 earlier in 2020. Her favorite type of exercise is dance fitness. Kristina did cheerleading as a teenager and gymnastics as a child, but dancing was always her passion. Her favorite dance style is Latin, including salsa, bachata, cumbia and merengue. But she loves learning different styles like belly-dancing and hip-hop and mixing all styles into one final performance. Kristina’s grandfather, Ruben Urribarres, was the National Cuban Orchestra director and composer for over 40 years, so music is very close to her heart. 

Kristina became certified as a Zumba instructor years ago and is now a trainer for the new fitness app, Turbofit. She is one of just a dozen trainers on the app, alongside Corey Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd from MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “The Challenge.” The trainers on the app each have their own fitness niche, like boxing, weights, cycling, sculpting etc. and Kristina’s is dance fitness. After being bullied on the cheerleading team in high school, Kristina says she wants everyone in her fitness class to feel included. “I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re unwelcome or they’re not good enough. I want everyone to have fun while exercising,” she says. 

Aside from beauty and fitness, Kristina also hosts charities like “Babes In Toyland,” which hosts red carpet events to support the U.S. military, Christmas Toy Drives and animal shelters. Today Kristina is networking with big celebrities in LA and will be internationally known soon!

What’s your advice on how to start marketing someone’s YouTube and tik tok? And what kind of things should people not worry about even if their Goal doesn’t happen as soon as they want it to?

“Don’t wait for the “right time” because there will never be a “right time.” Getting started is the most important aspect of it, as well as staying consistent. Study the algorithms of the platform and collab with other creators because there are always new techniques  to learn from each other in this industry.”

Advice for people who want to start on their fitness journey? 

“Getting started with fitness is similar to social media because you have to just get started. Don’t wait until you’re at a certain weight or or think that you have to do a marathon or do a thousand crunches a day. A lot of people fall off their fitness routine because they set this impossible standard for themselves when in reality, every little bit goes a long way. Just getting up and doing some squats while you’re watching TV for 15 minutes is already a start. It all adds up in the end and you will see the results!”

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