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What to Watch on Netflix with Kids



It’s summer time and kids will be home all day with nothing to do except sticking their heads in their phones or tablets. Spending time alone with themselves all the time can have a bad impact on the mental health of young children. It is very important to have some quality time with your children together as a family. Not only does it boost your child’s confidence and trust in you, but it also makes them feel more comfortable opening up to you and expressing their feelings. 

Among many other activities that you can engage your kids in, having a fun movie night is the easiest and most convenient one. You can customize the experience for your kids and make it more fun by printing out small movie tickets for them. Have them pick out their favorite snacks for the night and let them stay past their bedtime. It will already be pretty exciting for them!

Make sure to have a strong and steady internet connection so your movie night is not constantly interrupted. We recommend a reliable internet connection like altafiber internet that is budget-friendly and super-fast. 

So get your fake movie tickets, set up your snack counter, and get grooving with these amazing movies that you can watch with your family! We hope you like our recommendations.

The Bad Guys (2022)

Want to indulge in animated animal crime? These anthropomorphic thieves are hilarious and heroic, ready to take up any trouble for the sake of thrill. This film is packed with action, drama, and comedy that keep you engaged from start to end. From animation to characterization, The Bad Guys is a complete package for all age groups, especially kids. 

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

DreamWorks is famous for amazing animated movies like the Shrek series. This masterpiece is a top-rated movie that is based on a book written by Cressida Cowell. The film revolves around a Viking community who are threatened by the presence of dragons. A young and fearless protagonist finds his way around dragons and helps his community get control.

Being nominated for a number of awards, this film surely stands out and tops our list of best-animated movies. 

Monster House (2006)

Comedy and horror work best together. This movie revolves around a group of young kids who explore a haunted house in their neighborhood. The house is not your average haunted house. This house is alive and breathing and scares these young neighborhood explorers to their cores. 

This film has a very retro vibe and is also great if you want your kids to have a taste of the good old days!

Matilda the Musical (2022)

Although away from school, Matilda is a brilliantly intelligent young girl with telekinetic powers that set her apart from others her age. Upon being fined for keeping Matilda home instead of sending her to school, Matilda’s parents finally send her off to school where she makes new friends and indulges in more mischief.

The film is a work of art and if you’ve seen the older version, you’re going to relive the memories. 

Storks (2016)

If you don’t know how babies are born, let us get it straight to you. The storks bring babies in baskets up from the heavens, well actually a baby-making factory in fact. But soon, the factory was turned into a retail giant and the storks shifted from delivering babies to parcels. 

However, one fine day a baby with pink hair and blue eyes becomes the reason for trouble in paradise. To know what happened next, you’ll have to watch the movie!

The Sea Beast (2022)

The sea beast is an adventurous action movie based on an orphan who is on a sea monster hunt that would change the fate of all of humanity. There are giant sea monsters lurking around their ship as they make their way through the ocean, loaded with weapons of all sorts that are specifically built to kill the sea beasts. 

With some sword clinking, blood baths, and a lot of chaotic fighting, The Sea Beast will surely keep your attention peaked throughout!

Wrapping it up

Thanks to movie streaming platforms and the availability of the internet, we can now enjoy movies in the comfort of our homes. What used to be a monthly or weekly activity of going to the cinema to watch a movie has now become more convenient and something you can do any day any time.

So try out these movies with your family and don’t forget to discuss the plots with them later. Ask them what they liked about the film, who their favorite characters were, and what they have learned from the movie generally. And don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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