As Enzo Zelocchi’s recent cinematic endeavor No War mops up hundreds of awards on the international film festival circuit, fans will doubtless be casting their eyes as to where the handsome Hollywood influencer’s charismatic presence will be popping up next.

Social media followers of the actor, producer, and director will recall their frustration when several of Zelocchi’s projects were put on pause during the Covid-19 pandemic. The great news is that this time, there won’t be so long to wait for your next indulgent fix of that signature Enzo Zelocchi starshine.

The latest reports indicate that the filmmaker and star currently has two major projects in pre-production. These are none other than the hotly-anticipated sci-fi adventure The Source, and the mysterious action fantasy film Starlight Man: The First Secret. Read on as we explore the latest info on these releases and more.

Enzo Zelocchi’s Collaboration Blossoms With Hollywood Veteran TJ Mancini

Although Zelocchi has increasingly drawn reverence for his one-man-show Hollywood multi-tasking abilities in recent years, the star is also no stranger to the potential of bountiful partnerships. 

One such partnership is the one that Zelocchi shares with TJ Mancini, who is by his side at the helm of the two aforementioned upcoming features, marking a temporary departure from Zelocchi’s inclination to single-handedly write, direct, produce, and star in many of his most successful features. 

Zelocchi first began working with legendary screenwriter and producer TJ Mancini more than a decade ago, and over the years their collaborative clout has realized exciting projects such as Unbreakable Souls and Angels Apocalypse, both of which saw Zelocchi step in as leading actor.

Mancini is of course also known for his enduring professional partnership with Hollywood hard-man Vin Diesel, with whom he worked on movies including Strays, Find Me Guilty, and Riddick. However, at present, we can only imagine that Zelocchi is keeping him busy with the active production of both The Source and Starlight Man: The First Secret.

  1. How Long Until We Can Next See Enzo Zelocchi in Cinemas?

While there is sadly no release date set yet for either The Source or Starlight Man: The First Secret, Zelocchi’s track record for running a tight production ship suggests that we can expect to greet these releases in late 2024 or perhaps early 2025. Of course, when your movies feature dinosaurs and inter-dimensional aliens, it’s reasonable to ask fans to be a little patient!

Happily, for those who simply can’t wait for their next hit of Zelocchi’s vision, the creative and his pal Mancini have one more trick up their sleeves. In fact, the pair have been quietly working away for several years on an extraordinary feature-length documentary titled A War Hero 3.0 about the Korean War. 

For Mancini, this is a true passion project, because the film centers on the experiences of his own family and the journey of Charlie Mancini who was actively deployed in the conflict. When it comes to Zelocchi, A War Hero 3.0 serves as a perfect reminder of how versatile the Italian-American filmmaker’s skillset truly is. 

Spread the word that you heard it all here. Be sure to check out the first-look trailer for A War Hero 3.0 and check back soon for updates about Zelocchi’s sci-fi adventures in the works!
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