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Who Is Nukiknowws? A Brief Guide



Nukiknowws is an Esports gamer and gaming influencer. He makes gaming videos, streams on Twitch, and shares tips and strategies. He has recently turned his focus onto competing in Fortnite Battle Royale with over 100 hours of gameplay in Matchmaking experience. Nukiknowws has some of the most popular gaming videos on YouTube, reaching over million subscribers soon.

How can esport gamers make money?

This may sound easy for a young adult with interest in gaming. To be part of professional Esports teams, you need money. The way to make money through professional gaming is by playing the game at such a high level that you are considered one of the best or top players in the world to garner sponsorships and millions of dollars.

The problem is that most people do not have this kind of motivation or talent which is why they use third-party sites like Twitch or Mixer as their source of income. This will allow you to play games like Fortnite on your own terms, but it simultaneously provides income opportunities. As this could be understood well when you know who is Nukiknowws.

Making money through esports is a way to make money which is not only easy but also fun. If gaming is your passion, why not make a living out of it?

Getting Followers and Subscribers

The right way is by starting off slowly with the amount of followers and subscribers that you can afford. Each action will determine the success of your channel and Twitch will determine your streaming income too. To ensure that people are subscribed or follow your channel, keep streaming quality high throughout the day or from time to time.

How can influencers make money?

If you are a gaming influencer, it does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur. What matters most is that your content is good, and people like to watch it. People like to watch streamers on Twitch because they can interact with them in real-time. Influencers are individuals who have gained some sort of popularity from their success in one way or another.

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That could be anything from gaming, singing, dancing, cooking, weight loss, business, etc. Another great thing about being an online influencer is the payouts are not based on just views or subscribers.

Why is it advised to take esport gaming as a career?

This profession is more advantageous than others because of the income opportunities. The gaming industry is valued at over 100 billion dollars and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Aside from the monetary benefits of being a professional gamer, there are many other ways to make money in this industry as well. For example, suppose you have ever wanted to get involved with streaming on Twitch or Mixer. As a professional gamer, you can simply log in and stream for viewers on your own schedule.

Suppose you are not a professional gamer but are still interested in streaming. In that case, you can use an influencer site like Influence Central to connect with brands and influencers to work with and earn money from them as an influencer.

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