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Why Amy Toft Helps People Unlock Their Potential



Trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of life. People have several options on how they can handle them. While some are afraid to fail on their first try, others embrace the wisdom in failure and the lessons it brings. After all, nothing’s stopping us from getting back up and trying again until we succeed.

Amy Toft shares a similar perspective on life. She believes failure isn’t an option. 

“I have a strong desire for discipline and don’t believe failure is an option. I believe failure is your greatest asset! I refuse to quit in any area of my life,” she said. 

Moreover, Amy doesn’t keep this belief to herself. Instead, she started a coaching service called Master Your Power. 

Amy was born and raised in Northern California before she met her husband of 16 years and moved to the great Pacific Northwest. She’s a mother to a beautiful and talented 9-year-old daughter.

She’s also an avid runner and marathoner who appreciates the value of the struggle and grind because she believes that’s where we find our strengths and successes. 

A Deeply-Rooted Passion 

Unlike others in the coaching industry who began their services intending to profit from it, Amy’s drive comes from a purpose. 

“I’m not only a wife and mom but a sister, daughter, and friend to many. I love being social and connecting with all people,” she said. 

From a very young age, her brain has never turned off from wanting to help impact as many people in creative ways. She thrives on this and has been creating content for many years and helping others find their inner power. 

Master Your Power demonstrates Amy’s dedication to taking her influence to a larger platform and reaching more people. 

She created Master Your Power from a genuine belief that anyone has the potential to find their unique qualities and hone them to their fullest. 

“I want people to understand their life is limitless if you’re willing to work. An even more significant part of why I created this platform is to help people understand to master their best selves. They have to let go of others’ opinions,” she said. “It means the world to me to give a gift and watch another person find theirs.” 

Being genuine is part of her core principles in running Master Your Power. Yet there’s more to her than just being authentic. 

“Having your morals, ethics, and values in line when your head hits the pillow is all that matters at night. There will be many things in life you can’t control, but my principles in business and life are something I will have control over,” she said. 

Overcoming Challenges

Growing a business or getting by isn’t as easy as it seems. Amy has had her fair share of them as well. 

“The most challenging part I have faced thus far is being myself and being authentic, which means the process can take much longer to reach everyone. A get-quick strategy is not in my book, and I stand firm in that,” the life coach said.

She didn’t back down from what life threw at her because these experiences allowed her to connect with others and help them, allowing her to empower others through their lives. 

Besides working hard to develop her business and spread her message of empowering others to unlock their full potential, she also faced struggles with physical deformities. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop her from being positive and fulfilling her goal. 

“Having my hands crippled and feet deformed allowed me to find a strength within to grow extremely strong in who I am, not only as a person, who I can be in showing up for others,” Amy shared proudly. 

Amy’s struggles are vital in her character development because she took them and turned them into successes. She showed up and worked hard no matter the circumstances. Her perspective applies to her marathons and how she runs her business. 

“All the challenges I’ve faced are not easy. However, they have made me push even harder than the average person,” she said. 

The Right Questions 

Amy credits her authenticity with growing her brand business because it allows her to guide more people efficiently down a successful path. 

“I want people to understand tomorrow isn’t promised, and they must go after their goals and dreams today!” she said. 

She adds that the most relevant takeaway she would ask someone who turned to her is, “If it all ends tomorrow for you, can you look in the mirror and be okay with what you’re doing today? Or do you need to switch that to ‘I am great today?’” 

Not many people are ready to face her straightforward questions, but it’s vital in her process of helping people. And that’s why Amy is an efficient coach who brings results. 

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