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Why Charlène Gisèle Is On A Mission To Bring Optimization To The Lives Of Professionals



If people ask coach-consultant Charlène Gisèle about her purpose in life, she wouldn’t think twice about answering “personal and professional life optimization” to people who need to see that their health is important for them to live life to the fullest. 

Charlène is currently a certified primal health coach, certified NLP practitioner, life coach, certified yin yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher and an established keynote speaker within the international health optimization and biohacking community.

“I work as a global corporate wellness consultant and coach helping CEOs, executives, and partners from some of the world’s top law firms, FinTech companies, and wellness brands, from the UK, US, and across Europe, to optimize their health and wellbeing,” she said. 

The Observation That Started It All 

Before she became a coach-consultant, Charlene worked as a former high-flying London lawyer. She found that career to be thrilling and intellectually challenging but it had an impact on her mental and physical well-being. 

And this wasn’t only happening to her. She observed that many lawyers were also suffering from poor health due to burnout, anxiety, depression, and more. In their line of work, Charlène believes that a healthy lawyer, both mentally and physically, can only be a better lawyer. 

Eventually, she shifted her career path by stepping away from her job as a lawyer and exploring how she can help people serve the legal industry, but this time with wellness and performance optimization at her coaching program’s core. 

“I embarked on a health quest and world tour, traveling to India, Nepal, Bali, Arizona, Greece, Spain, Portugal and many other destinations. During my travels, I sought out the best wellness schools and teachers, who taught me optimal nutrition, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and performance optimization,” she said. 

Charlène then started her company as a digital nomad and she rapidly became successful as an entrepreneur and coach to some of the world’s top executives, lawyers, and law firms. 

Leaving A Bigger Impact 

To date, Charlene says that her biggest success is the transformation that she sees in her clients and the impact that her coaching has on their lives. 

And now that she’s realized what she could do as a coach-consultant, she plans on leaving an even bigger impact on the people who need her skills and talents. 

“In September, I am rolling out my latest Wellness and Performance optimization program and workshops/webinars for city law firms, fintech, and a legal tech company which I am really excited about,” she said. 

For more information, visit Charlène Gisèle on Instagram or Linked In