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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Listen Mark Evans DM



The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always as laidback as many people think. Running a business presents them with different opportunities to progress in their chosen industry, along with some major challenges that could cause setbacks if not properly handled. 

Difficult as it may seem, it’s fortunate that business owners don’t have to deal with problems alone. One possible solution that helps them overcome hardships is turning to their fellow entrepreneurs for advice. 

For years, Mark Evans DM offered this guidance to other business owners around the world. The 10x best-selling author has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs towards success. Doing so allows him to change his life and others’ on a daily basis. 

26 Years of Helping Others 

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Mark has made a name for himself in the business industry as the proud owner of numerous companies in different industries such as real estate investing, media space, and e-commerce. He is also a partner in many data space franchises.

Mark also gained the name “The Deal Maker” or DM because of his ability to create deals in any situation. But his success in handling businesses isn’t the only thing that Mark is proud of. 

For 26 years, Mark has been sharing his knowledge and experience in being an entrepreneur to guide others down the right path to success. He uses different platforms such as books, live events, and podcasts. 

He knows that some entrepreneurs think that they own a business, but instead, the business owns them. He offers tips on how business owners can turn it the other way around. 

“We change peoples’ lives with mindset and cash flow. We’ve built amazing teams to help a lot of people on those fronts,” he said. 

As a mentor, Mark sees the people who turn to him as more than just a number. He believes that investing heavily in them will bear great results in the long run for both parties. 

Some Words of Advice 

Getting out and starting a business is no easy feat. But for Mark, the only way for entrepreneurs to realize their goals is if they get up and do it. 

“Do it. As simple as that sounds, that’s what it’s about making a decision and executing quickly. If it doesn’t work, so what. Go back to the drawing board. See where it didn’t work.  Tweak it.  And execute quickly.  Do this until you’re profitable.  Most people just quit after taking their first “L”.”  he said.

The Deal Maker believes that for a person to succeed in life and business, they need to keep going, no matter how hard things seem. The key is to get their feet going and achieve even the small things so they’ll eventually feel motivated and confident to go after bigger goals. 

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