Aging is an inevitable part of life that affects everyone. However, people may not know that there are some ways to slow down the process and preserve their health longer. 

Hanieh Sigari, a biochemist and entrepreneur, is dedicated to finding solutions to promote longevity and tackle the process of aging and the problems that come along with it on a deeper level. 

She’s the co-founder and CEO of Qyral, a skincare brand that revolutionizes the industry through innovative products that are scientifically proven to meet the needs of consumers. 

Understanding Her Backstory 

Every successful individual has an inspiring backstory that became the catalyst for a significant change in their lives. Hanieh’s started at an early age. 

As a young Iranian immigrant, she befriended the elderly people in her apartment complex. Her friends got older, sicker, and eventually died, something that left a strong impact on a young girl. She wanted to save her friends and protect others so she made it her mission to figure out ways to help people avoid age-related diseases and live longer.

That interest led Hanieh to a career as an entrepreneur and biochemist. This path allows her to further explore options that could help people as they grow old.

“From studying biology and gerontology, I know that aging begins at a cellular level, and that the best place to look for the first signs of premature aging is your skin,” she said. 

Providing Curated Products 

In 2020, Hanieh launched Qyral, the first personalized skincare brand in the social selling space. The company’s mission is to help people “Age Well with Confidence” and create 1,000 millionaires along the way by empowering women. 

Qyral gives women a platform where they can be a part of the business that takes a traditionally female-dominated interest and customizes the products for individual skin types.

The product customization happens through a skin assessment that only takes a few minutes. An AI algorithm determines the formulation for their clients so they can achieve the best results. Each product is designed to work with each individual on a cellular level. 

Hanieh’s company also partners with dermatologists to allow people with skincare concerns a quick and convenient telederm experience. Customers pay a low annual fee to get access to a board certified dermatologist who can prescribe products to help with acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, psoriasis, and rosacea. Customers get unlimited access to their dermatologist related to Qyral’s products for an entire year.

“Our groundbreaking, customized formulations are prescribed by board-certified dermatologists, delivering the best results for each person to age well with confidence,” Hanieh said. 

The combination of custom blended products combined with prescription options puts Qyral one step ahead of the competition. Popular brands in the beauty industry have yet to pivot from their mass market models.  One size does not fit all.

Since becoming a skincare entrepreneur, Hanieh has focused on wellness and how her product impacts others. She hopes to continue living her life with a purpose and leave a more significant impact on a broader audience. 

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