Due to advancements in aesthetic technology, several new ways and therapies have been discovered to treat skin problems. Microneedling is one of them and is becoming popular for many reasons. Skin experts use the best microneedling pen designed for professional use to deliver exceptional results with minimal downtime.

This blog describes the top three reasons why one should consider undergoing this process.

Natural Skin-Rejuvenation Process:

Microneedling helps to stimulate the natural rejuvenating powers of the skin. During this process, a specialist takes the help of a microneedling pen for professional use. This tool creates micro-channels in the skin’s surface and causes injury to the strands of collagen and small blood vessels.

So, you might be wondering how long it will take to heal the micro-wounds. Well, they will be closed within 10 minutes on their own. The injury caused to collagen strands and blood vessels leads to the release of growth factors that will activate the proteins on your skin. As a result, new collagen and elastin production will be triggered.

This will improve the skin texture by reducing the appearance of scars. Thereby this process can help improve the skin texture and tone while enhancing the overall look and appearance of the skin.

Helps Manage Cosmetic Concerns:

Microneedling procedure was first introduced in 1995. At that time, it was primarily used to treat scars. But these days, skin experts are using microneedling pens for professional use to fix a wide range of cosmetic issues through this procedure. Some common cosmetic concerns that can be managed through this process are-

  • Acne and acne scars.
  • Anti-aging signs (fine lines and wrinkles).
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Surgical scars.
  • Skin laxity.

If you have any skin issues and wish to manage them, you can consider visiting professionals for microneedling procedures. Though some people use microneedling tools in their homes to get rid of these skin problems, professional skin experts can perform the procedure safely and better and deliver the desired results to you.

Painless Procedure:

Microneedling is a pain-free procedure. Perhaps, this is another reason why people prefer this over other methods to meet their aesthetic goals.

Skin experts will first apply a numbing cream to your skin so that you won’t feel pain during the process. It will take an hour (or less) to complete this procedure. Once the procedure is completed, professionals will apply a microneedling serum to your skin to fasten the healing process and provide better results. Moreover, they will use a microneedling pen designed for professional use to boost the effectiveness of this procedure and deliver better results with very little downtime. Your skin care provider may recommend further sessions based on the condition for which you need treatment.

So, it’s advisable not to apply makeup over your face for a few hours post-procedure.

So these are the top three reasons why people are increasingly considering microneedling procedures these days. Now, you may want to know how long this procedure can take to deliver the results. Well, you can notice the improvements in your skin within 12-15 days and continue to observe positive effects on your skin for the next 6-8 months.