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Why JC Hite Developed a New Business Model to Help Digital Marketing Agencies



Many industries have a rigid market that makes competition against companies stiff and challenging. For businesses to thrive, they have to come up with new ideas that make a difference in their operations and overall impact on the community. 

JC Hite, the CEO of a white label digital marketing agency called Hite Digital, did the same for his company and the people he wanted to help. Hite saw that not all small agencies have the knowledge and resources to grow their business. Not only does this hamper their growth, but it also shows that they might not be able to recover in times of crisis.

How the Franchise Works 

One way that JC made digital marketing inclusive to small-scale agencies was by developing a new business model that utilizes franchises to help other small agencies capitalize on the growth from the digital marketing industry so they can scale faster and better than they can alone.

“In 2020, we launched our Franchise Model as one of the first agencies in the world to franchise digital marketing. This has exponentially increased our growth,” the CEO of Hite Digital said. 

But aside from helping other companies scale their income and efforts, Hite’s franchise also aligns with the values that the brands they work with appreciate. 

This is one of the reasons why several brands have eagerly signed up for the franchise model of Hite Digital, where they receive branding and training along with other aid such as coaching, prospecting, systems, processes, and an experienced team that can handle growth. 

Creating Hite Digital 

Before JC created Hite Digital, he worked in banking from 2006 to 2014, as a real-estate investor from 2008 to 2015, and launched a TechEd company in 2015. 

He also contributes to several online publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur as well as running an online agency community called the Digital Agency Hacker. 

With digital marketing continuing to be on the rise as well as his dedication to helping others, JC created Hite Digital to help other agencies succeed while providing quality jobs for professionals in Nicaragua.

“We are extremely committed to people and helping them achieve their goals. With this mindset, we’ve been able to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US without any debt or VC funds,” he said. 

Hite Digital’s team offers exceptional service, advice, and a consultative approach to customers by providing them with the appropriate tools and services to meet each agency’s objective and goals.

Learn more about how to become a franchisee at or get to know more about JC Hite on

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