In today’s world, where people aim to gain a fortune from their efforts, the younger generations often turn to platforms that teach them to become more financially literate. After all, knowing how to earn, spend, and invest their hard-earned cash could benefit them in the long-run. 

Financial literacy also helps people create a more meaningful understanding of money and allow them to use it wisely without limiting themselves too much. 

Neena Speer, an award-winning attorney, author, speaker, and truth dealer, shares the secrets and techniques of financial literacy through her curriculum, “I Want To Be A Trillionaire When I Grow Up.”

Being There For Those Who Needed It 

The main reason why Neena focuses on teaching the youth about financial literacy is because she searched for it when she was their age. 

“I understand the feeling of not knowing why other people are making more money than you. However, I strongly believe having the power to unlock generational wealth for your family requires a foundational understanding of more than cheque books, budgets, and savings accounts,” she said. 

As she became wiser, Neena realized the potential of making money through daily activities like making reels, driving cars, or even launching multi-million dollar businesses. It’s all connected through financial literacy and would open new opportunities for those who seek it out. 

The award-winning lawyer and author added that the first step to becoming financially literate in today’s world is to learn how to use technology to build wealth and breed success. 

“Budgeting, saving, and managing money are the most important and easiest to trip up​ ​on. My hope is that when students are ready to make trillions the right way and with multiple streams of income, they’re gonna be ready!” Neena shared. 

Encouraging Her Audience 

Financial literacy isn’t exactly a topic that younger generations want to talk about. Unless necessary, those who aim to teach them about it must find a way to make their approach relatable and enticing. 

Luckily, Neena prides herself in creating a financial literacy curriculum for Title 1 schools that feature children of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to promote inclusivity and representation. 

“The CEO RANI financial literacy series, published in September 2022, follows the main character, NeNe, as she goes on an adventure and meets friends with various money problems to solve,” she explained. 

Neena added that the guidebook and activity book are designed for children between the ages of 8 to 18 to help them build their financial skills beyond the basics. Author Coach Shanine Young of Reaching While Teaching assisted with the publication and marketing of this curriculum.

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