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Why PhaRAh Phitted Is A Special Aritst



It’s hard work being an artist. It takes a lot of perseverance and resolve. Artists produce diverse music with various beats. PhaRAh Phitted is one of those exceptional artists who writes songs with such passion and feeling that they are certain to become well-known. Her love for music is evident in every song she creates, which has been successful on numerous music streaming services. She has an unexplainable attachment to Egypt. She made the decision to remove the “O” from Pharoah because it is a name for men and she chose to go by “PhaRAh” instead.

PhaRAh has always been an artist. From a young age, she has demonstrated a strong inclination toward music. Her voice came naturally, and music has always been a central part of her life. PhaRAH’s musical ability is intrinsic; it’s who she is. She is a self-sufficient artist who makes her own career decisions. The ability to choose what you want to do is the most powerful tool you can have. She is also attending The Bet Awards! PhaRAh has discovered her life’s purpose. She knows where she wants to go as well as the difficult path she must take to get there.

It’s hard not to be impressed by PhaRAh. PhaRAh is a truly unique individual. She is uninhibited in her expression. She shines brightly, instilling in others the desire to shine brightly as well. When you first hear music by PhaRAh, you know it’s her. It carries a distinctiveness that is immediately recognizable as hers. Her songs are positive, informative, and catchy. They make people feel good about who they are and touch their souls.

PhaRAh recently released her new single “Regular”, which is available to listen and purchase on all major digital platforms. It is already making waves across the country.

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