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Why Pursuing A Higher Education Allowed Visual Designer Oluwatosin To Excel In Her Craft



Many people believe in the knowledge and skills that come from pursuing higher education. This is because learning about them and their technicalities allows individuals to become more acquainted with their passion and eventually foster their creativity into their work.

This is one reason why visual designer Oluwatosin Odugbemi (Tosin) decided to embark on an educational journey to develop her love for design into something that she can share with others. 

Having A Supportive Community 

Tosin grew up in a snowy and meager suburb just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. She lived in the countryside and attended quaint local schools. Her love for art, music, and dance was apparent throughout her childhood. During her teens, she wanted to incorporate creativity into her future career. 

“My love for beautiful visuals was fostered through young formative years by teachers, my family, and others older than me who identified a gift for design in me and emboldened me to pursue and develop my talents,” she shared.  

With this encouragement, by the age of 17, Tosin moved from her tiny town to Vancouver where she started her post-secondary education at the University of British Columbia and focused on sculpting and temporary art.

After completing two years of these visual arts studies, she entered the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture within the university. She later moved into her Masters of Architecture degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. 

How It Helped Her in Her Career 

“This more technical design education has given me the capacity to move into interior styling and storefront design. My artistic training has empowered me with the theories of aesthetics that allow me to excel in graphic design and branding,” Tosin said. 

Over the years, she began to design for clients and created a business around it in the summer of 2020, when her design studio called Atelier Oluwatosin launched.

During her first year of business, she managed to design over 20 brands as well as five spaces including one storefront, one countryside resort, and three residential interiors. 

“As a creative, I use my gifting to tell a story visually and beautifully as a device to communicate robust messages with love. I believe the intention behind my work can be felt by an audience, which has set me apart from others in the industry,” the visual designer said. 

She added that she strives for all her work to be sophisticated, timeless, and bespoke. 

Learn more about Tosin and her design studio on her website,