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Why The CEO of Paragon Enterprises, Matej Manjkas Advises Artists, Business Owners And Entrepreneurs To Focus On Building An Elite Brand On Instagram



Social media has become an integral part of today’s society. Not only can people interact and voice their opinions more freely through social networking sites, but they can also find new opportunities in the digital growth and marketing industry. 

Matej Manjkas knows how profitable this industry can be. At 22-years-old, he holds the position of founder and CEO of Paragon Enterprises, a company that focuses on scaling personal and business pages to elite levels both on IG and online in general. 

Through his career, Matej has witnessed firsthand the impact of having an elite brand and how it affects his and his clients revenue.

Leveraging Instagram 

“I would recommend everyone to learn the value of building an elite brand and leveraging Instagram to reach thousands of people to whom you can offer your product or service and scale that brand or business to six figures at least,” Matej said. 

He added that this suggestion applies regardless of whether the person is an artist who wants to catch the public eye and demonstrate their talents or an entrepreneur who wants to build a profitable business online. 

For the 22-year-old entrepreneur, Instagram is the most important social media platform where through his growth services he establishes his clients as the most credible, cutting edge people in their respective industries. 

Getting Into The Industry 

Matej started his career and leveraging Instagram back in mid to late 2019. But until about February 2020, he was focused on developing systems, accumulating knowledge, and mastering skills to make an impact on the industry and thousands of people. 

Within a short time, Matej was able to establish Paragon Enterprises as the fastest growing Instagram scaling company in the industry that works with people and companies from startups to nine-figure brands. 

“Since then, I have been helping my clients take their Instagram to the next level, grow their page, and essentially turn them into influencers in their industry which of course lead them to never before seen growth both in terms of their revenue and the positive impact they can now make on tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people,” he said. 

But the journey of Matej and Paragon Enterprises hasn’t reached its end goal yet. Presently, the 22-year-old entrepreneur and his team are successfully taking Paragon Enterprises to the absolute top of the digital growth and marketing industry.

“While our packages already include more value than anyone else currently out there, we are still determined to find new ways of offering bigger and better things to those who take action with us and decide to grow on Instagram or any other platform.” Matej said. 

Learn more about Paragon Enterprises on Instagram and get to know more about Matej Manjkas through his Instagram account.

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