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Why Trenia Norford Is Dedicated To Helping Professionals Make Meaningful, Long-Term Relationships



Professionals often have a lot of things on their plate. Strenuous schedules, demanding responsibilities, and even challenging workplaces that take up most of their time, making the process of creating significant bonds and memories difficult. 

Trenia Norford knows how professionals can struggle with relationships because she held a career in the publishing industry before she transitioned into finance. 

But after 20 years of a successful career in the corporate world, she decided to find a way to find a work-life balance to be with the people she loves: her family. 

Love is what also pushed Trenia to start an exciting professional matchmaking service called Connectricity. With her matchmaking service, Trenia hopes to help other professionals create long-lasting and meaningful relationships. 

Working Best With Professionals 

For as long as she can remember, Trenia has been in love with love, which prompted her to start down a path where she can help people find their way to happiness. 

Through Connectricity, she has found a way to pursue her passion for love by helping professionals find theirs. 

Connectricity’s services are aimed towards busy professionals, including entrepreneurs and corporate executives, who are extremely successful in their careers but need help finding the person with whom they would like to share their life. 

“I work best with this avatar because as a former corporate professional, and now entrepreneur, I am able to relate and understand to help them get out of their own way so they can find companionship,” Trenia said. 

Trenia has worked with hundreds of singles over 10 years with an 87 percent success rate. Her definition of success is when someone entered a long-term committed relationship as a result of her introduction. 

Personally Committed 

Since 2012, Trenia, through Connectricity, has helped single-minded professionals nationwide enjoy the dating process and get the results they desire in a short time

“I offer a personalized concierge service that includes matchmaking and coaching relationship-minded singles,” she said. 

But Trenia’s involvement with her clients’ relationships goes beyond business. As a personable, honest, professional, and committed individual, Trenia truly cares about finding her clients the love that she has with her husband of 12 years. 

“I follow up with my clients who enter into long-term committed relationships to see how the relationship is going,” she shared. 

As Trenia continues to expand the reach of Connectricity nationwide and help more professionals find happiness, she hopes that her legacy will be rich with accomplishments that she had on helping others find true love. 

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