Has social media been sleeping on LinkedIn? With platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook hogging the spotlight, many people have ignored the silent rise of LinkedIn. With an ever-growing user base that has surpassed 950 million users across 200 countries. LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to connect, engage, and elevate your professional presence on the digital stage. LinkedIn expert Joe Frankie believes whether you’re a seasoned executive, a recent graduate, or anyone in between, you need to explore how LinkedIn can be your ticket to a brighter professional future.

“With every second seeing 2 new people joining LinkedIn and 1million joining every thirteen days, it’s evident where the future of professional networking is headed.”

LinkedIn Is Different Than Other Platforms

Joe Frankie has worn many hats in his career, and they all converge toward one goal: helping professionals put their best foot forward in the world of LinkedIn. His journey, rooted in an illustrious 34-year army career, has culminated in a mission to unlock the potential within individuals and position them for growth in their careers. In essence, Joseph Frankie is not just a LinkedIn coach. He’s a storyteller, brand builder, and his tool of choice is LinkedIn. “There’s no denying that LinkedIn is growing. That creates both problems and opportunities.” The problem that Frankie looks to solve for his clients is helping them stand out. His strategy is simple – create a profile that serves as your resume and is optimized to attract the jobs you want. 

A New Face To An Old Game

During his tenure in the army, Frankie was accustomed to developing officers, preparing them for their next roles, and ensuring they were well-rounded in their experiences. He was often helping officers with preparing for the next promotion, assignment or competitive school.

Later in the private sector when he was a retained executive recruiter that job seekers were asking for help with their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.  He assisted them and most were  getting interviews.  Word spread.  Frankie was receiving calls from others day and night asking for help.  It was his wife that pointed out his talent for assisting leaders in the Army was transferable to helping other leaders as he had been with their resumes and profile.

“I was able to channel everything I did in the Army to LinkedIn. Helping people to present their best selves.” To Frankie, LinkedIn is like a portrait.  An individual’s oil portrait is made of the pigment, hue, and brushstrokes of their intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Frankie’s Three Pronged Approach 

Joesph Frankie, LinkedIn Career Specialist
Joesph Frankie, LinkedIn Career Specialist

“It’s like fishing. Use bologna all day, and you won’t catch a trout. But use the bait they like, and you will.”

Frankie’s approach to LinkedIn coaching is inspired by his army experience, where developing an officer meant giving them the experiences necessary to rise in rank. Drawing from this, he emphasizes two methods with his clients:

Defining the Goal: Frankie first identifies where his clients are and then helps bridge the gap to where they aspire to be.

Individualized Guidance: Recognizing that each journey is unique, Frankie offers tailored advice. His vast experience enables him to give insights into various career paths, helping clients illuminate their path forward.

Developing a LinkedIn profile and using LinkedIn is a crawl, walk, run comparison.  It is hard to run with LinkedIn if you have not walked with it.  

One of his valuable pieces of advice is to construct a resume based on the LinkedIn profile. Winning the “content war” on LinkedIn ensures that one’s experiences are clearly visible and articulated to potential employers. 

About Joseph Frankie

Having coached in 14 different countries and having mentored 700+ professionals (plus 1,200 as a hobby), Frankie’s next step seems boundless. His reach is extensive, yet the core of his message remains: Be authentic, represent yourself fully, and understand the platform’s power.

Many executives asked him for a pamphlet or small paper outlining his suggestions.  He co-authored, “LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success,” with Lori Ruff, a friend and thought leader on LinkedIn.  It is an award winning book, a 1 hour read and well-reviewed on Amazon.

To learn more about how Frankie is helping clients reach their goals through LinkedIn, you can visit him on his LinkedIn profile and his website