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World leading breast cancer surgeon, Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier, partners with tattoo service to promote more holistic healing measures for survivors



Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier is one of the world’s leading breast oncology and oncoplastic surgeons. Based in Sydney, he is a current Council member for Breast Surgeons of Australia New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ) and is the immediate past President.

“If there is one thing I have learned over my career it is that overcoming a battle with breast cancer does not cease for woman once they leave my surgical practice. Breast cancer is a disease that impacts your mental health, as well as your more obvious, physical health,” Associate Professor Warrier said.

“This is why surgeons like myself are invested in assisting patients along every step of their breast cancer journey.”

3D nipple and areola tattooing is performed to help restore confidence in people so that they can feel like themselves again after the trauma that they have been through.

“Being able to visualise something, even as simple as a nipple and areola, that breast cancer survivors thought they would never see again helps them feel in-touch with their pre-cancer selves. Feeling comfortable in your own body, which is your body’s lifelong home, is a critical step in the recovery journey,” Associate Professor Warrier added.

“Supporting women holistically in their recovery journey is critical to achieving the best possible results post surgery. Partnering with Niki Cirillo, founder of ProCosmediq, to offer women the 3D nipple and areola tattoo service following their procedures is one the inclusive healing measures for survivors I have initiated into my practice.

“Introducing a nipple and areola tattooing service partnership into my practice is a step I am proudly adopting from the traditional clinical breast cancer recovery industry. This treatment goes beyond just the physical appearance. It is holistic healing for the whole body; taking into consideration the social and mental factors linked to cancer, rather than just the external modifications.

“Treating countless women through their battles with breast cancer, I have seen first-hand the trauma that is intrinsically woven throughout the entire journey. If my clinic can do anything to ease the mental toll these women are feeling post-surgery, or reignite their pre-surgery confidence, then I am completely on board.

“Partnering with Niki from ProCosmediq is an exciting stride in the right direction in supporting our patients holistically in their recovery. Niki is an absolute asset to our team. Her work is second to none in the world of medical tattoos, so I couldn’t think of a better person to partner with.”

The number of breast cancer survivors seeking out 3D nipple and areola tattoos has drastically risen over the last couple of years.

“Introducing Niki’s expertise into our ecosystem of support is helping to streamline our patients’ road to recovery; meaning they do not need to find their own medical tattoo artist,” Associate Professor Warrier added.

Niki’s journey began in the tattoo industry with cosmetic tattoos, however it was her creative flare and drive to support and elevate others that led her to the medical tattoo world. She knew there was so much more that she had to offer to the world and could do with her tattoo capabilities beyond cosmetic tattoos.

“Three dimensional areola and nipple tattoos have quickly become a leading service we offer at my practice, so I am honoured to have partnered with Niki to help even more women holistically after their breast cancer surgery,” Associate Professor Warrier explained.

“Together, we are so grateful to be a part of these incredibly strong and inspiring women’s journeys. If our services can improve the livelihood and restore the confidence of any woman after the tumultuous ride of breast cancer, then we consider ourselves incredibly blessed.

“The 3D illusion of a protruding nipple and the shading technique of the areola make them look incredibly realistic and natural from all angles. Once a patient has met certain progress milestones, they can then begin the tattoo process that generally only takes two appointments.”

According to Associate Professor Warrier, since the treatment is minimally-invasive, most patients find the experience virtually painless and are relieved to know that they are quite comfortable throughout the duration of the session. A numbing gel is also available if required to ensure that the women are as comfortable as possible.

“The first appointment takes around two and a half hours, which is where the medical tattoo process begins. Pre-drawing, pigment matching and tattoo placement all occur in the first appointment to ensure the patient is pleased with their results. Any minor modifications and fill-ins occur in the second appointment,” Niki Cirillo said.

Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier is the immediate past President and current committee member of Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ). His views are those of his own, not BreastSurgANZ. Associate Professor Warrier’s surgery is located at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and also at Macquarie Street, Sydney. He is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and won the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s Patron’s Prize for best scientific research.

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