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Co-Creator “10X” known by many as @Inmybagdaily is setting himself apart as the true “Young Founder” in Houston’s entrepreneurial scene. Self coined as a knowledgeable leader in todays new normal, the young founder himself has achieved success throughout the covid-19 disaster. In fact, what some have only known to be a “pandemic” he has creatively referred to as a “Band-emic”, showing one of the largest wealth transfers in todays generation.

When speaking with the young founder about his journey to success we found that he had a lot of advice to give to his peers and non peers the same. “I’ve always considered myself a well learned leader, taking new age ideas and materializing them into gains. With that said, it’s important to understand what I mean when I say “gains”. For instance, throughout what some have only seen to be a pandemic full of sadness, I’ve been blessed enough to make six-figure earnings in a matter of months, and on that same pillar, lose six-figure earnings in minutes, just to regain that back, and more, and so I consider my hands on experience the best teacher.

This part of my story matters, because an increase financially , based on my perception , can be credited as something outside of physical currency, and more so, related to the energy of abundance that surrounds you. Abundance coupled with, intelligence, wisdom, and a grand understanding of the subject matter can allow anyone to do what they consider to be unreachable financially.

A theory that one can ponder on is that, money without mindset is unreal, fantasy and creates a false sense of validation. At the same time, I can defend the stance that a mindset that is abundant will catapult all things related to “mind, body, soul and finally, money goals will be attained. The process profits, and the outcome is currency, and that is an infinity process of growth. The moment we realize this, is the moment it’s just begun. I’ve noticed that mis directed energy on outcomes and in this case (money & riches) leads to it being unsure as to what the actual recipe for riches is. Having said that, we intend to manifest this ideology through our “50KPLAY program”. A fully interactive, engaging and hands on funding program. A structure that’s sets out to acquire 50K in funding in six months. This is what we call, in our world, a 50k play.

Remember, much of what we know about money is untrue. Our plan will make you re think the prior knowledge you had from a perspective of freedom, into one that is truly abundant. We will take on ten prospective members, and walk them through the 50K funding funding process and in the conclusion of this program, members will have acquired a1 credit score, alongside 50K in funding, and above all, a mindset made abundant.

Made in Love, 10XXX
Contact below for program information:
IG: @Inmybagdaily
S: N: (510) 927-0360

Photo credits: (Instagram): @prztige
Grooming Credits: (Instagram): @mightymocutz Co-Founder Credits: (Instagram): @Marcusalan_

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