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Young Gage Has A Hit Record Called “Different Odd” Featuring Krayzie Bone



Young Gage links up with Bone Thugs -N-Harmony Member, Krayzie Bone and creates a classic. 

 A Baton Rouge Louisiana native, Young Gage exceeds all expectations and limitations imposed on southern rappers. His ability to deliver a well cadenced verse is nothing short of phenomenal and his laid-back style showcases an ease with word play and lyrical dexterity, rarely seen in today’s rappers. While his rhymes are far from simplistic or typical, his verses are relatable to the average listener and thought provoking for the “heads”. He is a lyrical Sensei. We all want a song to listen to and relate to. His words will have you connected. 

 In addition to penning his own masterpieces, Gage’s talents are and can be witnessed in his ghost writing, song arrangement, music production and composition. He does it all and then some. This artist has no reason to hold back. His style is best defined as “Non-Conforming”. Young Gage is out here breaking free and building. 

 He is as mentioned above a “sensei” within the music industry. Being a sensei, he is teaching his audience real life lessons in his songs. He is a quiet thinker and observer, two great qualities in a teacher in life.  He wants to be able to connect with his supporters and reach as many people as he can. You can really gravitate to the messages implemented in his songs. 

 I suggest you all take a listen and check out his work. 

He has two singles out titled, “Ride Fly” and “Rain”. Check those out on Spotify and get ready to vibe. Young Gage also has an EP out and a new single with Krayzie Bone from the rap group “Bone Thugs-n-Harmony”. EP is called, “SENSEI” and his new single featuring Krayzie Bone is, “Different Odd”. His new single definitely has that old school rap flow with a modern touch. 

Young Gage not only makes music he tells stories. His music speaks for itself. He has an amazing fan base that is continually growing each day. This single is a milestone, but he has more content to deliver this year. Make sure you keep up with all of his new releases, events etc. on his Instagram and show your support. He definitely is an on the verge artist. 

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