Hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat recording, a creator of a person and an artist, Young Rob. He reigns from London where he started his passion for music and started his career. Once he was introduced to a London-based producer with the name of Ren The Producer. Ren plays a pivot role in obtaining Young Rob’s career started as a music artist, as music has invariably been a plan for the merging artist himself.

Background of the artist:

Young Rob is a hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat Recording creative person from London. Rob was born in Accra 

Ghana, however, he moved to the united kingdom After finishing his secondary school at the Bishop bandleader school in Kpando.

At a young age, hanging out with older peers, he was introduced to West Coast Hip-hop where he grew up taking note of tons of 2pac, West Side Connection, The HotBoyz, and also the Lost Boyz simply to call a few of them.

The latest new single video of “I Need Your Love“

Young Rob has the flare in making catchy hooks that demand attention from the listener. His latest song

“I Need Your Love” is also catchy and loved by the audience that is just released.

“I want your love” may be a track that is sitting on for a while. Initially, it had been purported to be an intro track on his future album. When he was listening back to the song, he felt it required something. It needed a saxophone sound, he some to himself; therefore, he reached intent on Joko Magic. The work he has invariably loved.

This is often; however, he reached out to Joko Magic.

And a distinctive collaborative happened.

Below is a link to his latest hit song. Go check it and also stream it 

Stream ‘I want Your Love’ here:

In an interview, he expressed how experienced he was when he was working with Joko Magic.

It becomes not anything, however, excellent vibes. Honestly, Samuel G is this type of excellent and gifted producer. His creativity degrees are on an entirely new planet. Joko Magic. Alternatively, it becomes truly amusing to paint with too. Humorous and upbeat. A very gifted saxophonist, I became humming with anticipation and pleasure after I sent her the tune to work on. I started to tell her “do your work, Joko”. Less than 24 hours later she despatched that dope sax. It’s crazy, it is as if she knew precisely what was on my mind. It becomes the whole lot I imagined. A large shout out to my engineer Yann Gabriel who organized and blended the track.

A bright new video, courtesy of Injury Films, treats fans to outside expertise during a colorful neighborhood block. It shows Young Rob and also the mystery lady he sings about. They go from bystanders to a lovey-dovey bunch, as shots pan from one to the next, with the 2 nestings on a threshold in most.