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Yung Anoma1y Sky Rockets to Success on Spotify



There is more to music than just talent. Running a music career is running a business. In that sense, multiple things come together to make it all work. To make a name for yourself in the music industry, you have to have the right outlook and a big picture focus.

Yung Anoma1y is an independent artist. Just recently, he founded the B.E.G The Label to support other artists. He understands all too well what it takes to break through the music industry. Yung has a massive following and will be releasing his new single ‘Pain to Paper’ on August 1st, 2020. In this article, he shares with us what the journey of a music entrepreneur has been like for him.

Being a student of the game

As an independent artist, Yung knows that the music industry is very competitive, and perhaps one of the most difficult to have a breakthrough. It is complex. It is hard to say that you have it all figured out. That is why, as a music entrepreneur, you should focus more on learning from others and continuously developing yourself. What is it that others are doing right to make it? You must also be teachable. The worst thing you can do for your career is to be close-minded. For Yung Anoma1y, learning never stops.

It is not as easy as it looks

Many people tend to think that talent is the only thing that you need to have to be successful in the music industry. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many ups and downs along the way. Yung’s advice to any music entrepreneur is to face adversity with an iron fist. It sounds easier said than done. But, the key is to tap into the things that genuinely inspire you, be resilient, and keep your determination. Always keep your focus on the end goal, and remember success is not for the faint-hearted.

Choosing commitment over convenience

Success is an initiative. It takes effort and time. Dedication to your art and the business is crucial. It means going over and above to perfect your craft and manage your business. When you face setbacks, do you have the zeal to bounce back? One value that Yung learned in his music career is to have dedication. He says, ‘dedication will help you overcome those obstacles that will arise down the road.’ Treat your music like any other job, and be committed to making it successful.

Thinking long-term

When you look at big brands in the music industry, you broaden your view of success. What is your growth strategy? For Yung, having people in his corner, willing to work with him is key to his growth and sustainability. People have different skills and experiences that you can benefit from in your career. Collaboration builds creativity, uncover solutions to problems, and increases productivity. Yung is always open to working with others. At the B.E.G The Label, his goal is to help others to reach their long-term goals. It is just the beginning of big things to come.

Like Yung Anoma1y, keep learning, be dedicated to your craft, and have an open-minded approach to situations, to take your music to the next level.


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NicolasJ from Virginia Beach is glowing with talent on Instagram



NicolasJ is an artist from College Park in Virginia Beach, VA. His latest single he put out is called “Be Mine” and his latest Album he put out is called “From Me to You ”. Although NicolasJ is more known for his R&B flow his single “Be Mine” has an Island vibe. You would want to listen and you won’t be disappointed. The College Park native NicolasJ, says “From Me to You” comes from NicolasJ and a message to all people no matter what race, gender, or nationality a person may be. He also has “From Me to You 3” coming very soon and says this will be his best work yet. Look forward to hearing singing and a different type of flow from him. People say that his style of music reminds them of Rod Wave. He refers to his music as “real music” where people can relate. NicolasJ has been around music all his life and what motivates him is his love for music, the excitement on his family members faces when they hear the record and all his deceased family and friends who told him not to give up on music.

Talent is hard to come by in this game as people are staying regular and not original which is only effecting themselves. Nicolas and I only been communicating through Instagram and he’s hungry for success which to me is remarkably inspiring as I can see him independently rising in this game. Make sure y’all stay connected with my man, below is his recent project go stream and engage.


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Social Media as a business platform in 2021?



In 2020 one thing that has been proven is that having a regular 9-5 is not good enough to have a happy and sustainable lifestyle. So what is the right path to take in 2021 to secure your future?

Starting a Business

The only true way to “secure” your future is to be the person that’s building it. You can’t expect to be in control of your own future if you are not in control of your life, and the only way to do so is to be your own boss!

Starting your own business, becoming an Entrepreneur, more and more seems like the ONLY right way to generate income! Yes, it is hard, and yeah you will fail many times, but you are the one in control! If you want to earn more, that is up to you, if you need a 2 month break that is up to you!

Types of Businesses

Through my career as an entrepreneur I have seen 3 main business models!

1) Health/Fitness
Maybe you are an expert in certain topics on health or fitness, or maybe you are just a health/fitness enthusiast, but believe it or not no matter which one of the two you are, you can build a sustainable and successful business! I have seen online fitness trainers making anywhere between 6 to 8 figures, these people can either run their own programs on their time, while making. 6-8 figures OR they can work for a gym and make 30k/year. That is up to them and it is up to you.

2) Products/Services
Do you have a passion for making jewelry or T-Shirts, or do you absolutely love running ads on Facebook and YouTube? Why not turn that into a career? Instead of working at your regular 9-5 job, you can spend your days designing your product and posting it online so that other people who enjoy it can purchase it for themselves, or maybe you can use your passion for something to provide services to someone who needs a person just like you! If you ask me this sounds much better than mopping the floor or lifting boxes and making sandwiches for a big corporation!

3) Coaching/Mentoring
What if you are an expert in a certain field, or you know something that not many others do? Do you know that there are people out there who would pay for you to teach them? You can share your knowledge with the world and get paid for knowing something that you love. There are tons of people making great money making courses, holding online classes or mentoring others to do what they love, and you can do the same!

Social Media?

Now you may be thinking to yourself: “I know how to cook, but how do I find people who are interested in learning from me?” or “Oh man, I have been making butterfly rings for ages, how do I actually find people who would pay for them?”

So I know that you have by now heard of these social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but how is that of any use to you if you are just wanting to start your business?

Did you know that there are approximately 500 million users on Instagram alone EVERY SINGLE DAY.
So why should you be on social media as a business owner? Because you have a huge audience to expose your business to. It’s not the people’s responsibility to see you, it is your responsibility to make sure that you present yourself to them, and there is no easier way to do it then going on to the most populated platforms in the world like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!

If you are interested in learning more about using social media for business you can message me on instagram @thisismarkofilipovic or you can send an email to:


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30 under 30

Sakariye Abdi, changing the lead generation systems for E-Com Stores



Who is Sakariye?

Sakariye Abdi is an e-com store consultant from Finland. Ever since a young age Sakariye learned discipline, precision and to appreciate the people around him trough his experience in martial arts and soccer. This young entrepreneurs main goal is not only to make sales and land clients, but to actually build long term connections with people he meets along the way! Sakariye has started his online agency in 2020 at the start of the pandemic with the goal to help people who run their online stores get the success and freedom that everyone is advertising.

Changing the game!

At the age of 24 Sakariye and his team have helped 100s of e-com stores all over the world to become successful, however he did not use the methodical tactics like everyone else. Sakariye has helped all of these people using his own systems and his own unique strategies. This entrepreneur just doesn’t believe in the systematic ways, he believes that as the world is changing we should change the strategies we are using, because if we use the same strategy we won’t go further we will just stay at the same place.

Sakariye’s message to young Entrepreneurs:

When we asked this entrepreneur for the Number One advice he would give to the young entrepreneurs it was this: “You should always focus on progress over perfection. It is much better if you improve by 1% every day, then if you try to be perfect and never actually move forward”

Get connected

If you want to get in touch with this astounding young entrepreneur or get a chance to work with him, you can do so trough his instagram page.

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