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Artist Jeff Nelson Is Staying Ahead of the Pack



If there is anything that separates successful artists from those less fortunate it is the ability to connect with listeners and bring people together. Drawing attention to these details coupled with tremendous talent calls for a quick and deserving rise to stardom, an idea seen first-hand in artist Jeff Nelson

The 20-year-old singer from New Jersey has recently seen his dreams of fame come to fruition exponentially fast, amassing over 150,000 followers on social media in less than a month. This incredible growth is the result of an ongoing passion of Jeff’s to truly connect with his fans on a level beyond just listening to his music. 

This passion is shown throughout his newest creation, a song called “Get it Right”, in which he expresses himself through sharing real life experiences of sadness. “Get it Right” will be released shortly on all streaming platforms with one strong goal, uplift all listeners. The song was pieced together in collaboration by few talented individuals in order to meet Jeff’s high standards. “Get it Right” was officially co-written by Charis Tsuei and engineered by Hank Byerly

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