American actor Ayelet Halamish, currently residing in Prague, secures a significant part in a highly-anticipated murder mystery production. The whodunit genre has enthralled audiences for over a century, with renowned authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie crafting timeless tales and characters that continue to captivate readers and viewers.

With recent adaptations and original works for both film and television, the whodunit craze shows no signs of slowing down. We had the opportunity to speak with Ayelet Halamish, who will be playing “the Countess” in the Czech Republic’s first English production of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Beyond acting, Halamish is a screenwriter, podcast host, and voice-over artist for an upcoming Czech film. In our interview, she shares her thoughts on the whodunit genre and her diverse career.

Since moving to Prague in 2018 to work as a Game Producer, Halamish has been determined to make a name for herself in the Czech theater scene. Her upcoming role in the classic tale’s first English production will help her achieve this goal.

Having already starred in award-winning films like “Ambrosia” and “Love Me Now Please,” Halamish’s acting career has already seen success. However, it wasn’t until she arrived in Prague that she fully embraced her passion for acting.

Preparing for her role as the Countess, Halamish has delved deep into research, studying the Lindbergh case and 1930s fashion trends to bring new depth to her character and captivate audiences.

As a talented writer and podcast host, Halamish is working on a comedy TV series and film, with more details to come. Her podcast, “Middlescent ™ with Ayelet,” features interviews with middle-aged men and women, aiming to change perceptions of middle age and showcase their wisdom and talents.

With her acting career taking off in Prague, Halamish has her sights set on international productions in the UK and US. She identifies as an English-speaking European actor, capitalizing on Prague’s accessibility and proximity to other European countries. The city’s popularity for major international film productions also works in her favor.

Halamish dreams of continuing to explore Agatha Christie’s world, whether on stage or screen and would love to work on adaptations by Kenneth Branagh or Rian Johnson.

As a multi-talented storyteller, Halamish’s career is poised for continued growth.

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