Aleksandra Zyrianova is a Russian entrepreneur who moved into the US to pursue her dream of producing works of art that transcend society’s usual idea of what art is. She used to own a construction company back in Russia, but now she is building something else: a name, a brand that stands for the ideals her work represents. Aleksandra’s endeavors range from doing public relations work for various artists to digital projects that make use of alternate reality or virtual reality technology, she is one of the pioneers who created filters for celebrities on Instagram.

With the rise of new technology, more and more people are joining cyberspace paving the way for a more interactive experience through the screens of our devices. Her knack for entrepreneurship and natural talent in making everything aesthetic has drawn crowds to check out her work and make these a part of their lives as well.

Building a more creative world

Social media has made it possible for people to connect regardless of distance, and this technology just keeps on getting better and better at maximizing the human interaction experience we get from it. The creation of filters has greatly influenced the way we use social media, with Aleksandra being a pioneer in making filters, her craft has shaped the way people communicate and share with each other. She has become an influencer whose work is utilized by countless users all over Instagram.

Aleksandra’s role as a social media influencer has made an impact on the overall experience for users everywhere. Her filters have started trends that other brands and personalities can use, ultimately building a bridge among creators and providing an avenue for more content to be published. Her work is building the digital world brick by brick into a better, more user-friendly cyberspace.

A vision like no other

Aleksandra is an entrepreneur without limit, aside from her work in digital media she also has an eye for fashion. Her brand as a social media influencer matches with her dream of being an ambassador for a modern brand someday, this entrepreneur turned fashion model is definitely bound for greater things.

When it comes to her venture into digital media, Aleksandra has a team of professionals all the way from Ukraine handling each job with such expertise that it would be impossible to execute projects without them. The team handles designing, textures, coding, and program-specific filter development. It is through this team and her various partners in the business that Aleksandra is able to do her work in social media, her skill in this craft is undeniably good and it might be nothing short of magic, but she shares that the people behind everything are the key to success. She tells us:

“Business is about people”

Aleksandra Zyrianova is an entrepreneur with a vision, she wants to grow her business together with the people who make every day possible, all while never losing sight of the things that she loves to do. She has found the secret to a lasting and ever-growing industry: the bond between people.

She is many things all at once, but most of all, Aleksandra is a builder whose dreams have helped others achieve theirs. Her work in digital media and the bond she created with her people is only the beginning, watch out as Aleksandra Zyrianova shows the world what an entrepreneur with a vision can do.

Check out her works and find out more about Aleksandra Zyrianova on Instagram.