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Guillermo Eiland Comes Out With His Initial Release ‘I Made It Off The Block’



Guillermo Eiland (born February 1, 1968) also known as CAZ is an Ecuadorian & Irish Author. Guillermo is recognized for his work as a writer and his life experiences that have had a positive impact on others.

Guillermo Eiland is notable for his business intelligence, survival mentality, and history with self-defense. Guillermo has been through great struggles – with a story of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

‘I Made It Off The Block’ is Guillermo Eiland’s first book release ever; sharing his story with the world. The ability to share your experience through eyes that have never ‘lived’ it before is an achievement that Guillermo has obtained. His book ‘I Made It Off The Block’ shares Guillermo Eiland’s experiences about the life of a mixed kid from Los Angeles who dealt with the turmoil of gang life, drugs and an abusive mother-but fought to become a successful businessman, father and stand-up man.

‘I Made It Off The Block’ was a tough decision for Guillermo. Putting your personal life right out into the public eye is a challenge that many writers and authors fail to go through with. Guillermo Eiland explains that the only reason he moved forward with his book was not for himself, but for the kids who are still currently going through hell living in the streets and caught up in gang/drug violence.

With the success Guillermo has already seen with his first book ‘I Made It Off The Block’ helping others change their lives, Guillermo Eiland has made a head-on decision to expand his career as an author and continue to help the world through sharing experiences and life lessons by writing.

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His true name was Guillermo. Accepting his true self, Billy Eiland became Guillermo Eiland, and turned his back on his drug past. Today Guillermo is a successful entrepreneur dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made.

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