Every company has its own identity. A distinctive set of values or principles that make it one-of-a-kind and distinguish it from its competitors in the industry. Perhaps a trick or a code to make it more special. For Joshua Northcott, the co-founder and CTO of Hounder, it all boils down to his company’s distinct approach when it comes to working with clients.

The company has stayed true to its principles since its inception. It is by following these values with loyalty, it has retained its uniqueness and appeal to a wide variety of clients. Joshua and his partner, Justin Hough, recognized a gap in the technology market – clients were being delivered sub-par quality projects, by the companies they hired, and exceeding their budgets. Both of them felt that the traditional practices were outdated, which led them to develop new ones which then would help their company thrive.

Power of a small, yet experienced team

One major aspect that separates Hounder from other web-design companies is that they are a ten-person team of experts. Every member of the team comes with a professional background of working for some of the most future-forward technology companies in the world. In contrast to Hounder’s competition, other software companies tend to hire a high number of people, with varying professional experience, to work on projects and clients leading to a drop in production and sub-par results. 

Focused approach plus limited clients equals stellar results

At Hounder, the team takes on only a few projects and works on them together. This helps them to stay focused and allows them to concentrate on fewer projects at a time. This strategy has resulted in satisfied clients who are happy with the final product, one of which was a unique project with San Bernardino County’s Cradle to Career Roadmap. The client wanted a fully functional digital web experience that would help parents, educators, and community leaders find resources that helped with the academic as well as social success of students. 

The team took up the challenge with zeal and produced a solution that was elegant and simultaneously met the requirements of the county. By working closely with the clients, they were able to build a product that was easily applicable and simple to use in schools. Parents also accepted and appreciated the design as a trusted online source for furthering their children’s success.

Collaborative and enjoyable culture

The people at Hounder believe that good work and relationships come from collaboration. Their projects are rooted in strong relationships with their clients. While working with Ocean Aero, the team at Hounder delivered a range of brand tones that focused on the company’s main idea. They also worked on other aspects, some of which included logo ideas, naming, colors, content strategy, and a full branding guide. They had a whole process designed to help their clients understand their vision better, which helped uncover the market need and the strategic vision behind the product. 

The company has had a number of clients over the years and has worked with some well-known companies. A few of them include Adobe, Random House, Esri, and UL. With how they deal with clients and are hands-on with their projects, it is no surprise that Hounder has attained the level of success in just a few years.

Hounder has completed several major projects over its seven-year run. To learn more about past and potential future projects for the company, click here.