Unpredictable markets and economies constantly shift from time to time, urging millions of people to hustle in their respective industries so they can afford their basic needs and wants. But for family-oriented individuals, having a source of income to sustain them in the present is not enough. They also strive to achieve generational wealth that will leave a legacy for their families in the future. 

However, achieving generational wealth isn’t as easy as it seems. Without careful planning and proper decision-making and execution, the results will be unstable and lead people further from their goals. 

Leon Cases hopes to change this scenario going beyond his career in economics, rejecting scarcity concepts of the field, and teaching others disruptive tools for planning and execution in finance. 

Understanding The Needs Of His Clients 

While most financial coaches focus on increasing their clients’ business approaches, Leon takes a holistic approach with students to have a complete perspective of their current financial situation and their mental connection with money.  

“Traditional economics teaches you that there is a scarcity of resources, it is a field not created for the mentality of wealth. And the world is wealthy, I am an economist who speaks of prosperity and UNLIMITED resources. I want to teach you that it is possible to reprogram your finances“, he said. 

Determining what his students need allows Leon to teach them the basics of finance that can change their lives and the lives of generations after them. 

Apart from his educational background, Leon is also a partner of Latino Wall Street, the number one educational platform in Spanish to learn about the stock market, cryptocurrency, investing, and more. He is also co-founder of Latino Family Coaching, a programme that goes beyond finance, empowering families to create a family legacy to create stronger and happier families.

A Humanitarian By Nature 

Before Leon became a mentor on generational wealth, he started his career as a humanitarian, with an international career in the multilateral sphere. It was his experience there that eventually led him to the path of a financial mentor. 

“I have travelled to over 60 countries and worked in over 20 countries, making an impact on people’s lives. I have seen how the lack of education, specifically financial education, is limiting people’s life and the possibility to live to their fullest potential,” he said. 

Leon was also inspired to learn and teach financial education by his modest upbringing in Spain. He faced different and difficult jobs before he understood the importance of managing his finances and spending, saving, and investing money wisely. 

Since then, he has grown from living paycheck to paycheck to having properties in the most expensive countries in Europe and the Caribbean basin. 

Throughout his career, Leon also tapped into the minds of several authors such as Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalism, Napoleon Hill, and several philosophers amongst other authors. Leon loves philosophy and is a historian by vocation.  

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