In the United States, credit repair is a billion-dollar industry that helps change people’s lives. Due to a low barrier to entry, it is inevitable that some players will take advantage of inexperienced customers in order to make quick money. These leeches end up undermining the integrity of the whole community, thus making it difficult for other brands that are genuinely committed to helping clients. Ivory Becker is aware of this and is dedicated to transforming the tarnished image of the credit repair and debt management industry. Incite Strategies was created as a result of her dedication.

The reputable enterprise is a comprehensive credit repair company that specializes in helping aspiring homeowners get their dream house. Unlike others that intentionally drag out the process, it helps people achieve their credit goals within approximately six months. This incredible commitment to efficiency allows clients to save up to thousands on monthly expenses and buy a home sooner than they anticipated.

Ivory has background in Financial Planning and Default Regulatory Compliance within the industry’s largest financial institutions. Because of this, she has an excellent understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding delinquency, including foreclosure, collections, and the modification process. Leveraging her vast knowledge on the subject matter, the insightful woman has created a premier credit repair brand that stands out from the rest.

“Other credit repair companies only focus on how to remove negative accounts with no real strategy or plan. Instead, we break down each credit report, provide a detailed analysis, establish a credit rebuilding plan which gives our clients step by step plan for how to add positive score boosting information and work on the negative remarks by using the law to identify violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act” said Ivory.

Incite Strategies is undoubtedly disrupting the credit repair industry with its ability to deliver results in record time. As the enterprise continues to rise, it plans to provide better services and solidify its reputation as the most trusted player in the market.

In addition to its website, the brand is easily accessible via its social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok. Furthermore, they provide several educational videos on their YouTube channel and offer monthly webinars on Eventbrite

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