From Amazon FBA to Solar Distribution, Liu’s business ventures showcase her diverse range of skills and interests. Diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and throughout adulthood, she has found a way to spend her energy and focus in productive and fruitful ways.

Chloe Liu is a true jack of all trades. She has achieved great success in a variety of fields and continues to grow and expand her knowledge and experience. Liu has an impressive entrepreneurial journey, starting from a young age and now currently overseeing the Pacific West Sales department for a Solar Distribution company. Additionally, she serves as an advisor for the University of California Riverside Design Thinking Program and has been involved in multiple NFT groups.

“I’ve always had a business mindset and a passion for entrepreneurship,” says Liu. “My father was a big influence on me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I studied business in college, but I’ve been putting my practices into use since I was a child.”

Liu’s impressive entrepreneurial journey started with running her own tutoring agency during college, which spread across multiple campuses in California. She then operated independently as a licensed bartender and lifeguard prior to working for a large corporation within the automotive industry.

Liu’s achievements also include running an Amazon FBA company known as Red Mane LLC, which is now retired, but its sales model and process is now replicated and studied through many other forms of e-commerce businesses.

Liu has since migrated into the Solar Distribution business and manages one of the most successful teams within the company with the largest number of direct reports. Under her management, the team has achieved record-breaking volume month after month and year after year.

Aside from her professional ventures, Liu is an avid collector of trading cards and comics as well as a musician. She played in a rock band and has dabbled with an array of extracurriculars including sports, music production, martial arts, and much more. Liu is also making her way towards becoming a sponsored finger boarder and expanding her NFT brand presence known as “NFT Bubby”.

Liu’s passion for entrepreneurship and her diverse range of skills and interests have made her a true jack of all trades. Looking towards the future, Liu is focused on building her knowledge and hobbies and expanding her repertoire of experience. She is potentially looking to explore other forms of creative outlets and new investments personally and professionally.

In conclusion, Chloe Liu’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring example of how one person’s diverse range of skills and interests can lead to great success. Even through her struggles with ADHD, she has learned to overcome and utilize it as a positive resource. As a jack of all trades, Liu continues to learn and grow in all aspects of her life.