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James Leon shares his journey from ‘migrant to multi-millionaire’



James Leon is a world leading Australian entrepreneur who has established a number of highly successful businesses in Australia.   He is also recognised for his vision, leadership and generosity, and believes that success requires daily focus, while giving back requires life-long dedication. 

“I grew up in a country decimated by war.   There was so much suffering around me.   As an Armenian who fled my country with my family to find a safer more peaceful life in Australia, I understand more than most why hard work is so important,” Leon said. 

“You only get a few chances in life to make a difference, and when you do you have to put everything into it to succeed.   If you don’t the option could be failure.  

“As a migrant making my way in this wonderful new country, I wanted to ensure that my family and I did what we could to build a life for ourselves and contribute wherever possible.”

Today, Leon is the owner of Printech, one of the country’s leading office solutions businesses.  It has many well-known clients and values its relationships across the market.   He also owns a number of other successful businesses across various industries including finance, technology, social media and podcasting.   These include Calltech Solutions and Finloans. 

Calltech is a telecommunications provider that gives access to the newest technology from Australia’s main telcos in a single, integrated package. Finloans provides financing solutions for new assets, mortgage property or debt consolidation. 

Printech has been providing a full variety of print services and solutions across Australia since 2010. It is committed to being an affordable print solutions provider that delivers high quality results. The company is Australia’s leading technology provider with a customer base of over 2500 clients, with the aim of further expanding its customer portfolio.  

“When I established Printech, I saw a gap in the market for a business to provide organisations with turn-key printing and copying solutions that took the risk, effort and complexity out of managing the technology and the resources,” Leon said. 

“We simply find the best technology solution for our clients, install and maintain it, and support them day to day to ensure they can operate in the most efficient, effective and simple way possible. 

“I introduced a finance service to ensure businesses were able to purchase the solutions they needed with ease.  

“I then also introduced a telecommunications business to provide equipment, services and support for their operations.”

Leon is a big believer in vertical integration to deliver quality outcomes.  

“Early on in my business life I identified the benefits of vertical integration and also aligned non competitive offerings.   As a result, I looked at ways that I could enhance the customer experience by optimising quality inputs through the supply chain and also provide services that complemented our core services,” Leon explained. 

“By doing this, we were able to grow our market share and also meet the needs of our clients with enhanced outcomes.   This has allowed us to grow at extraordinary levels.”

Leon shares his top tips for success.


“Identify opportunities to expand service offerings which optimise operational efficiencies and quality outcomes for your clients,” Leon said. 

“If you support their growth, they will continue to support their relationship with you.  Be strategic and committed to your vision to enhance your clients’ business growth.”


“Leadership isn’t about making big speeches, it is about doing things day in and day out that demonstrate you are dedicated to achieving your goals,” Leon added. 

“This type of leadership should be reflected in everything that you do across the business in an authentic, inclusive, kind and ethical way.”

Give back – constantly

“I arrived in Australia from a worn-torn country with very little, so I understand how hard it is to start with nothing.  As a result, I am passionate about helping other migrants to build a life for themselves here in Australia so they can be happy but also contributing citizens to this wonderful country,” Leon said. 

“I have seen what humans can do to each other and how they can destroy lives.  Do good and be good, and give back constantly.  Find ways to genuinely support people and do this constantly.  

“Printech is a major sponsor in the Armenian community and has provided the Armenian church with a lifetime of free services and support to cover all their printing needs and expenses.  We also sponsor sporting clubs, families in need, community groups and the Armenian Youth Organisation.”

According to Leon, the mantra he lives by, is ‘work hard’.  This underpins all that he does.

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