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Jay Mehta and his journey to becoming a Digital Marketing Maestro



Jay Mehta is founder of Viralpep, Domain Brothers and Salespeep. He helps companies like Ticket Master, Amazon, Ford, Lexus, Bose and Cable & Wireless grow their revenue. Jay Mehta is an expert in management, company growth & development, product launches, life cycle development, project management, resource management, digital marketing, branding, web design, SEO, etc. He has inspired and mentored several entrepreneurs, leaders, governments of today. Originally from India, Jay has traveled the globe, gained knowledge and experiences, and made a mark for himself.

After completing his Master’s in Business Administration with marketing & technology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he moved to the Cayman Islands and successfully managed Netclues and helped expand it from a 2 person organization to over 250 employees and a multi-location company. After this mesmerizing achievement, he moved to Canada and setup and managed companies such as Domain Brothers, Viralpep, Salespeep, and Top E-Positions Inc., which are all currently successful enterprises. After that, he moved to Austin, Texas, in the USA and made it his home.
A major focus of Jay is to bridge the knowledge gap between marketers and those in the industry. His top priorities are to make digital marketing accessible, understandable and easy to implement to every business owner, marketors and rest of the world. A great deal of businesses are lagging behind in marketing & promoting their wonderful products due to their inexperience with the industry, and there is a general perception that digital media isn’t a good fit for them to manage. Jay Mehta is now planning to launch a platform which aims to help companies grow their traffic and engagement with their audience, learn and understand digital marketing & branding and much more.

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