Pop singer, Jenn Connor, hails from Ontario, Canada. Often singing at family gatherings, school functions, and community celebrations from an early age, music is definitely in her blood. To help other aspiring singers and pianists, she opened the Jennifer Connor Studio of the Arts. In 2018, Jenn put out a single titled “Like I Did,” which was well-received by both her listeners and music critics. It propelled Connor to the top of the charts, peaking at No. 1 in the Independent Pop Recording Artist category on Toronto’s ReverbNation. Jenn took a break from releasing music after “Like I Did,” but she’s back now with a new single called “Insecurities.”

Insecurities” showcase how comfortable Jenn is in being vulnerable with her songs. As can be deduced from the song’s title, “Insecurities” is about all the little things everyone worries about in relationships – the things that make us second-guess ourselves and our partners. 

Jenn poses an important question that everyone in a relationship will resonate with. Suppose your significant other kisses you goodbye and tells you they are leaving for a fun night out. However, something inside you makes you think that there is something they are not telling you. Will you choose to completely trust your partner who has reassured you of their love, or do you trust your gut instinct?

Jenn grapples with this reality. It seems that no matter how much love she receives, nothing can drown out the feeling that something is wrong. She does nothing about it until she goes out and the surface returns. Little by little, her insecurities take center stage, and the fabric of her relationship unravels when she says,

“I am no magician, and I can’t make something from nothing…This ain’t no relationship, It’s full of holes, and it’s sinking”

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, Jenn handles the song with lightness and grace. Her voice is gentle and gives “girl next door” energy; it feels familiar and warm. Jenn uses a lot of expression and rhythm, giving the song more character. 

The mix of pop, dance, and electronic feel also adds to the light-heartedness of the song. Produced by Rob Wells, the music is suitable for the dance floor and or even for a chill time. It starts with a nice buildup, with the kicks, warped synth sounds, and hi-hats sequentially. Before you know it, the song is in full swing, and you are up and dancing.

Fans can catch up with Jenn Connor on her social media platforms and streaming platforms. 

Jenn Connor – Insecurities (Audio Only)

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