Lazaris the Top Don has some exciting news! He’s getting ready to drop his new album called “The Life of a Don” around end of August or early September. He’s super hyped about it and thinks this album is going to be a real game-changer. He’s been working really hard on it, and it’s like a collection of all his best stuff from his whole career.

People in the music world are buzzing about it. Big-shot record labels want Lazaris to release his album through them. And you know what? This isn’t his first rodeo. His earlier albums, like “Svccess In My Path, Vol 1,” shot up the charts and became really popular. It’s crazy how music can connect with so many folks at once. Lazaris is feeling pretty proud that he’s able to put out such awesome tunes.

This album is a collective and considered the masterpiece in Lazaris The Top Don’s career. Coming strong off of his debut on the “I Get at ‘Em” Verbal Ware Fare Album and his First Solo Project Success “In My Path Vol 1” which experienced BillBoard success, lately Lazaris has been very active in the scene. On this project, he created a war-like sound with gritty production from Da Inphamaus Amadeus and powered up with The Legendary Cover From Clean Or Dirty Production. He even taps in with The Legendary Lord Finesse to keep Bronx Hip Hop influence on the project. He has the South Bronx in a frenzy & the whole music industry looking for him to deliver on an international scale The Life Of A Don Is Highly Anticipated.

This new album is like his masterpiece. He’s been making waves since his debut in the “I Get at ‘Em” Verbal Ware Fare Album and his First Solo Project Success “In My Path Vol 1,” which even hit the Billboard charts. Recently, he’s been all over the music scene. For this album, he teamed up with some seriously talented folks like Da Inphamaus Amadeus for some gritty beats and Clean Or Dirty Production for an epic cover. He’s even got Bronx Hip Hop legend Lord Finesse on board to keep that Bronx influence alive. The South Bronx can’t wait, and honestly, the whole music world is waiting to see what Lazaris brings to the international stage. “The Life Of A Don” is on everyone’s must-hear list!

He still continues to work on 7 new visuals, but worry not there are more singles coming out pretty soon. Before you get too worried about new music, he will be out with another set for you to vibe. He manages his independent music projects pretty well, however, he has actively been participating in two different ones that he is co-producing with new artists who are yet to be revealed.

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