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Leilani Kristina’s Story From an Ordinary Girl to a Woman Who is Fighting for the Rights of Women and Against the Exploitation of Women



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Dreams are often more powerful than the difficulties that life may present to a person at various points in their life. It alone may be enough to fuel the drive for as long as possible, and it is often the case that the motivation to keep going forward can be seen in what one hopes to accomplish in the future. Leilani Kristina‘s journey from a young girl who did not fit into a ten-year-old girl training as a pre-professional dancer was not one she had pre-planned. Leilani didn’t know she wanted to work in the entertainment industry until she saw Mariah Carey perform at an awards presentation and the legendary artist Prince perform.

Who is Leilani Kristina?

Leilani Kristina is the very definition of an entertainer; she is an influencer, a brand ambassador, a model, a dancer, and a singer, among other things. She was inspired to pursue a career in dance after seeing the late Prince perform at an awards show when he was still alive. Consequently, Mariah Carey effortlessly hit high notes inspired her to start singing. Leilani’s goal was to become a legend in her own right, a person who was a little bit of everything but was consistently captivatingly good. She did this by drawing inspiration from the greatest icons in the world and putting it all together in her unique way.

Life Journey from an ordinary girl to a powerful woman

Leilani Kristina is a mixed-race indigenous millennial. She moved around as a child because her father was in the military. It exposed her to various cultures and showed her that there is beauty in people from all walks of life. 

Leilani realised how much potential she had after travelling to many different parts of the world when she realised how much potential Leilani had to fill the gaps she saw in her travels. As a result, she thoroughly enjoyed working with brands, shows, and individuals who tirelessly contributed to the betterment of their respective communities.

Leilani Kristina has had her fair share of struggles, which can be seen behind the scenes of her fabulous career. Even though she is successful in many of the things she is passionate about today, this does not mean that her journey has been without obstacles or challenges. Leilani pursued a career in dancing despite suffering from asthma and an autoimmune condition when Leilani was 16 years old. At 14, she underwent several procedures on her ears and throat to address major ear infections and multiple scar tissues. At age 21, Leilani was subjected to the most difficult struggles of her life when Leilani experienced being exploited by a stalker and harasser. These challenges were among the most difficult she had ever faced.

Leilani Kristina maintained her passion despite everything, just as she had done since day one. Her experiences have strengthened her and motivated her to influence others. Zooming in on the present, Leilani is a Survivor Leader renowned for her expertise in the areas of human rights for indigenous people and gender-based violence against women.

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  1. Model Leilani Kristina has strutted her stuff down the runways of Melange, as well as those of several other New York-based designers and New York Fashion Week.
  2. She also placed second in the Pose category of Fashion Coffee’s COVID-friendly fashion and talent competition during Pride. 
  3. She won the competition overall. In addition, Leilani is currently serving on the Board of Directors of a law firm in Washington, DC, that defends survivors of sex trafficking and people who work in the sex industry.
  4. Leilani is a Survivor Leader and is widely recognised as an authority on preventing gender-based violence against women, stalking, harassment, and violations of human rights for indigenous people.

Despite everything, Leilani Kristina maintained the same enthusiasm she had shown from the beginning. Her life experiences have made her more resilient and compelled her to affect the lives of others. 

“Being able to fit in many realms has been most helpful in my work in human rights, as well as being an equally proud survivor of abuses such as exploitation, severe resentful stalking, harassment, etc. Being a multi-ethnic person has always been a blessing in being able to fit in many realms, which has been most helpful in my work in human rights. According to Leilani Kristina, “it has honestly not only made me strong but has been a whole motivation on how not to treat people and approach the world—to be the direct opposite of all that.”

Future goals

In the next five years, one of Leilani Kristina’s goals is to increase the amount of work she does in the arts and entertainment industry. She has big dreams of being a part of a significant movement, and she wants to be the one to pave the way for other artists who come from diverse cultural backgrounds, just like herself, to break into the industry.

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