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Ripple to Waves: Liz Bloomfield Employs Storytelling to Create a More Just World where Everyone Thrives



Liz, Bloomfield, sitting with a group of people outside

Nonprofit leader and social impact coach Liz Bloomfield is a woman on a mission. As a former British Army officer serving in Iraq, turned corporate executive, and then humanitarian responder, she has experienced first-hand the importance of paying attention to the subconscious stories that we each hold within us. 

As executive director for the nonprofit Ripple Effect Images, Liz leads a world-class team of photographers and filmmakers shining a light on proven and sustainable solutions empowering women and children, globally. 

Bloomfield says, “So much of the media we consume is dominated by the world’s overwhelming challenges, and very little airtime is given to innovative initiatives already working and transforming lives globally.” 

Bloomfield is passionate about telling the stories of women around the globe because compelling evidence shows that women pay it forward. A woman multiplies the impact of investment in her health, education, and well-being by extending benefits to those around her, creating a better life for her family, and building a resilient community.

Ripple Effect Images exists to highlight proven solutions and attract investment that enables the replication of successful programs for even greater impact.

In June 2022, Bloomfield and Ripple Effect Images were awarded the Amber Grant by WomensNet, an innovative community supporting female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. 

One year later, Bloomfield says, “The grant proved to be a huge catalyst for growth and increasing our impact in pursuit of a world in which all women thrive.”

The nonprofit initially invested in cataloging and backing up its collection of over 50,000 still photographs and films, and these valuable assets are now more searchable and secure. Furthermore, Ripple made its unique visual archive accessible for nonprofits and social impact organizations across the globe to use in storytelling related to their own missions.  

The Amber Grant also enabled Ripple to reach an even wider audience with its stories of solutions. Ripple’s film Mapping Survival was shown as part of the education program at the prestigious 2022 Telluride Film Festival, and the Africa International Film Festival recognized the film with a Special Jury Prize.

Bloomfield emphasizes, “There are so many extraordinary female changemakers making things happen, whether through their leadership of programs transforming lives or telling engaging human stories to the wider world. We are excited to amplify even more of these incredible voices.” 

At an individual level and as a social impact coach, Bloomfield also uses storytelling to empower hard-working changemakers to thrive by reconnecting with their purpose, supercharging their energy levels, and accelerating their impact. 

Bloomfield says of her Energized Impact coaching program, “Many people have a strong sense of purpose, yet feel something is still missing. They are juggling so many aspects of their lives that they are exhausted, often falling into poor self-care habits. This program provides a personal roadmap to a fulfilling life, enabling people to let go of thinking and behaviors that no longer serve them.”

Bloomfield’s clients are creating positive change in the world—from educators, medical practitioners, and social workers to humanitarians. Due to the demands and stress of these fields, they often get to the point of burnout, where they feel that their only option is to leave their work behind.

Bloomfield emphasizes, “The world needs these dedicated and service-driven professionals, now more than ever, so I’m committed to helping them re-discover the joy they felt at the start of their careers. Job satisfaction can decrease over time, so the most important element is to reconnect them with their purpose.”

Storytelling is also a key component of Bloomfield’s work with Speaking On Purpose, a unique Toastmasters group focused on providing a supportive environment for people with cognitive and mobility challenges to grow their speaking skills and learn to tell their stories. And as a member of the groundbreaking Women Emerging Virtual Expedition, Bloomfield is also helping develop inclusive leadership approaches that resonate with women. 

Bloomfield concludes, “Storytelling is a superpower, and by paying attention to the stories we tell ourselves and each other, we can together create a more just world where everyone thrives.”

Visit Ripple Effect Images to be inspired by stories of incredible female changemakers across the globe, and check out Liz’s website to find out more about her Energized Impact coaching program.