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Meet Barion McQueen The Music Consultant The Major Labels Use



Baro Macqueen official image on Instagram

Barion McQueen is one of the most top marketing and personal branding consultants in the musical world today. He has worked with hundreds of well-known businesses and also helped them to rise to the top. Barion McQueen worked with giant soda Pepsi right at the beginning of his PR career so that would tell you something about how good he is. He is daring to do whatever needs to be done to get you to the next level.

How Barion McQueen Started His Career?

He started his career professionally and personally followed a winding path. He was not always at the top. Like many other people, he had to find his way there and learned from his experiences to grow more. Today, McQueen sits among the leading experts of the music industry as well as the marketing industry. At a young age, he started as a musician. He quickly noticed all the shortcomings and many holes in the music industry. He saw how difficult it is for the quality artist to be heard. He struggled a lot to navigate the hardship of the music industry. After releasing his first album independently, he transitioned slowly from being the artist to working more behind the scenes and promoting new young talents. He also kept thinking about how he might make it better. He might give a chance to young artists to be heard or to get their music straight to the people.

In 2012, he founded The Brand Castle, a social media and marketing agency that rapidly became the talk of the town, helping music artists, entrepreneur creatives and experienced businessmen alike grow more. Barion is now using his connections, past music industry success, and influence to be the change he would have liked to see as a young artist. He puts his creative mindset to use in all areas of entrepreneurship. 

Barion McQueen Record Labels Secret Weapon

Being the founder of hip-hop media site has helped him find talent very early in an artists career.  After relocating from Delaware to Miami in 2013 he felt the South Florida music scene was missing outreach to the world.  There was so much talent in South Florida and he wanted to shine a light on it.  Him having music experience made him the perfect consultant for the major record labels.  He had an ear for music and recognizing talent that he slowly became the boots on the ground the record labels needed.  It is people like Barion McQueen who are slowly starting to replace the job of the traditional A&R. Their job is to find talent to get to the record label, but sometimes the A&R’s do not understand the artist as a creative and that is where Barion McQueen shines.  Although he is no longer an artist himself he is still songwriting and producing for other young talent. This is what separates him from most. It’s not just having the ear, but understanding the music, the creative process, the pressures of being the artist. When he has the ability to bring talent to a major label, he has already put his touch and polish on the artist and the  music.  He knows what will work even sometimes when the record labels do not see the vision.  They trust his instincts. Artists like Zoey Dollaz, Rell Jerv, Dashius Clay, Tone Trump, Charlie Clips, Kandy K, Justina Valentine, Blxst, King Los, YBezzy and more have been those he met early in their careers and actually had the opportunity to interview them to tell their story and showcase them to the world. McQueen was one of the earliest prominent figures to recognize the global Pandemic crisis as a chance to change the perspective on marketing and also he has been helping dozens of music artists small and big stay active in growing their digital footprint during these troubling times.  Through personal branding, excellent PR he helps you stand out from the crowd and make sure your name is remembered.

You can go check out his website and his Instagram and also must follow him…

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On The Verge Artist

J Breeze: Is Ready To Regain His Buzz Within The Music Industry



Justin Bryant, better known as  J Breeze is an on the rise recording artist. He has been creating music since he was only 15 years old. Years later this is still his passion. J Breeze wants everyone to hear his story through his music. Recently he has blessed his fans with an EP titled “Captivated” since then he has also released a few singles that are all now available on streaming platforms. It is a nonstop grind for him right now as he aims to grow his brand and really make his name known within this industry. He also has an official clothing line launched called “Freedom Forever”. His work ethic is like no other. Each project he releases is a work of art.

Currently J Breeze is working on regaining his buzz and is in the process of working on an album titled “Ascension”. The goal for 2022 is to get his name and music heard around the world. He states “My motto is that if I can do it, anyone can!”. With his sheer determination and true passion it will not be hard for him to gain traction behind his music. In the meantime check out his latest releases and get familiar ! Make sure to add his music to your playlists. You will not be disappointed. Each one of his releases caters to his personal backstory. His music reflects his own personal life events.

Make sure you stream his latest releases now available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream his music here

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On The Verge Artist

Arshbro – Sharing his story with fans



Arshbro official image in hd 2022

Pull Up was published alongside a music video so that people may gain a better understanding of Arshbro. He began to present himself to us, and he was finally able to tap into his personality’s creative aspect and let it shine through. Setting the tone, he subsequently produced.

Get To Know Arshbro

Arshbro doesn’t consider himself to be a member of any single musical genre, although he dabbles in practically everything. It’s his swift entry into the scene and determination to put himself out there that I’m most pleased with, says his musical coach. He makes an effort to grow in all ramifications. 

Arshbro, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Music has always been a part of me, but I never really got into it until last year. I moved into a house with some of his musical friends, and that’s when the opportunities started rising. My friend, who was currently my manager and partner, owned a studio inside the house and recorded and produced music almost every day. One day out of curiosity, I hopped on one of his beats and recorded his debut single, Pull Up. And the rest is history.

Has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Building a company and a burgeoning music career proved his most challenging obstacle to overcome. Making time for music was difficult for me because of his type-A tendencies and the need for routine.

In releasing the song, what did you find the most challenging? His biggest challenge was putting in the time and effort to create something new. To begin, I sought a sound that would communicate my message to the soul, mind and ears of the listeners but I also sought to infuse it with my unique style and flair.

What was the most difficult thing you had to overcome as a personal challenge in your own life? 

My biggest challenge was getting used to the idea of filming a music video and putting himself out there.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?

When I was in fourth grade, he was recognised for academic distinction at an awards ceremony. As a child, he felt like I was unstoppable and capable of accomplishing anything, and that experience shaped who he was today.

While growing up in a predominately black neighbourhood, he was the only white student in his class, making it difficult to fit in. As a result, Arshbro was also a target of abuse at school because of his uniqueness. The only way he could avoid getting beaten up was to run home at the conclusion of every recess.( this isn’t accurate )

When Arshbro was growing up, his  self-esteem was moulded by bullying.( neither is this )

What do you consider to be your greatest personal assets?

 My capacity to create and engage with others is one of my best assets. Being the centre of attention isn’t a problem for me. The fact that I have a good sense of humour also comes in handy when times are tough.

Follow him: Spotify, Apple Music

Instagram – @arshbroofficial 

Instagram – @211_records_

Twitter – @arshbroofficial 

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On The Verge Artist

This is how Mu Diamonds, never-quitting, showed his utter skills and shut his haters up



Mu Diamonds official image sitting in car

When one’s desire and drive are great, no setback can keep them from doing whatever they put their minds to. Mu Diamonds is a rapper, sound engineer, and business owner who exemplify this desire and devotion. Despite his life’s numerous twists and turns, he ended strong and increased his influence in the music business by launching Dynesty Entertainment.

This rapper was born and reared in Buffalo, New York, in a rough neighborhood. Unfortunately, gang violence became the norm for him. As a teenager, he found solace in music. Rap became a hobby he shared with his pals, and they experimented with verses and rhythms together. He used to hang out with his mates and listen to rap music. When they discovered instrumentals, they began to learn how to freestyle. They also went over several song lyrics together.

Tragically, Mu Diamonds was not spared the violence that engulfed his neighborhood. He was the victim of a drive-by gunshot, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. “Getting shot and being paralyzed was one of the worst trials of my life,” the artist remembered. People changed their attitudes about him, and some of his loved ones even severed relations with him. His circumstances, however, did not dissuade him. If anything, it fueled his determination to achieve his goal.

Mu Diamonds concentrated on his music career, and he quickly progressed through the ranks of New York-based rappers. His abilities and distinct style secured his position as one of the best rappers in the world. As an artist, he exuded boundless energy, tenacity, and brilliance. Furthermore, Mu Diamonds ability to build a clear picture of his life through his songs distinguishes him from his contemporaries. This artist had a clear vision for where he wanted his career to go. And, after more than 10 years of performance, he has surely accomplished his aim and more.

Mu Diamonds set his sights on a greater objective after earning fame as an artist and performer. “I decided to start a record label,” he explained. With this endeavor, I hope to improve the music business and create possibilities for other musicians to advance in their careers.” Mu named his company Dynesty Entertainment.

Dynesty Entertainment

Dynesty Entertainment is a family-oriented business that tries to help aspiring artists and musicians realize their full potential. Mu Diamonds’ recording firm offers comprehensive engineering and production services. The firm also creates and markets creative material for the label and the artists that collaborate with them. Dynesty Entertainment has evolved into more than just a venue for performers since its inception. It also serves as a modeling agency. Everyone who has worked closely with this record company has formed a tight bond and created a secure area for creative expression via music.

Despite adversity and adversity, Mu Diamonds has risen beyond his troubles and established up a prosperous career for himself. Through his enthusiasm and commitment to his music, this singer has earned the title “King of Buffalo.”

Mu Diamonds Upcoming Work

Mu Diamonds has stated that his new single will be released on January 12th. The song will be accompanied by a music video directed by Mu’s younger brother, LafranGraphics. This song can be found on his debut album “Memories & Moments.” The song is available on a variety of prominent music websites, including Soundcloud and Apple Music.

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