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Meet Barion McQueen The Music Consultant The Major Labels Use



Baro Macqueen official image on Instagram

Barion McQueen is one of the most top marketing and personal branding consultants in the musical world today. He has worked with hundreds of well-known businesses and also helped them to rise to the top. Barion McQueen worked with giant soda Pepsi right at the beginning of his PR career so that would tell you something about how good he is. He is daring to do whatever needs to be done to get you to the next level.

How Barion McQueen Started His Career?

He started his career professionally and personally followed a winding path. He was not always at the top. Like many other people, he had to find his way there and learned from his experiences to grow more. Today, McQueen sits among the leading experts of the music industry as well as the marketing industry. At a young age, he started as a musician. He quickly noticed all the shortcomings and many holes in the music industry. He saw how difficult it is for the quality artist to be heard. He struggled a lot to navigate the hardship of the music industry. After releasing his first album independently, he transitioned slowly from being the artist to working more behind the scenes and promoting new young talents. He also kept thinking about how he might make it better. He might give a chance to young artists to be heard or to get their music straight to the people.

In 2012, he founded The Brand Castle, a social media and marketing agency that rapidly became the talk of the town, helping music artists, entrepreneur creatives and experienced businessmen alike grow more. Barion is now using his connections, past music industry success, and influence to be the change he would have liked to see as a young artist. He puts his creative mindset to use in all areas of entrepreneurship. 

Barion McQueen Record Labels Secret Weapon

Being the founder of hip-hop media site has helped him find talent very early in an artists career.  After relocating from Delaware to Miami in 2013 he felt the South Florida music scene was missing outreach to the world.  There was so much talent in South Florida and he wanted to shine a light on it.  Him having music experience made him the perfect consultant for the major record labels.  He had an ear for music and recognizing talent that he slowly became the boots on the ground the record labels needed.  It is people like Barion McQueen who are slowly starting to replace the job of the traditional A&R. Their job is to find talent to get to the record label, but sometimes the A&R’s do not understand the artist as a creative and that is where Barion McQueen shines.  Although he is no longer an artist himself he is still songwriting and producing for other young talent. This is what separates him from most. It’s not just having the ear, but understanding the music, the creative process, the pressures of being the artist. When he has the ability to bring talent to a major label, he has already put his touch and polish on the artist and the  music.  He knows what will work even sometimes when the record labels do not see the vision.  They trust his instincts. Artists like Zoey Dollaz, Rell Jerv, Dashius Clay, Tone Trump, Charlie Clips, Kandy K, Justina Valentine, Blxst, King Los, YBezzy and more have been those he met early in their careers and actually had the opportunity to interview them to tell their story and showcase them to the world. McQueen was one of the earliest prominent figures to recognize the global Pandemic crisis as a chance to change the perspective on marketing and also he has been helping dozens of music artists small and big stay active in growing their digital footprint during these troubling times.  Through personal branding, excellent PR he helps you stand out from the crowd and make sure your name is remembered.

You can go check out his website and his Instagram and also must follow him…

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Ct Finesse – A talk about him and his new single ‘Only Fans’ creating a huge buzz around social media



Ct Finesse

About CT Finesse

CT Finesse is a Recording Artist from St. Louis who has a deep passion for music which is one of the major factors that inspired him to build and pursue his musical career. Growing up he was influenced at a young age by family that were also pursuing there music and Artists he would listen to during his childhood. He was a football player in high school, but he had to quit because of other life experiences he was going threw, while overcoming those challenges and obstacles he was faced with he also wanted to focus more on his music and create bigger and better opportunities for his artistry. 

Kevin Gates was an inspiration to him, and the first single CT Finesse learned from him was “4legs and a Buscuit,” from his album ‘Stranger Than Fiction.’ CT Finesse was inspired by Kevin’s ability to imagine what he said, which led him to listen to some of his earlier work and become a fan. The way Kevin approaches a rhythm while remaining comfortable is what he tried to incorporate into his music.

CT Finesse Inspiring People With His Music

His music is inspired by facts and events that many people have seen, experienced, or been through throughout their lives. It’s also his narrative.

Since he has a calm mind when driving, he receives most of my inspiration. He’ll listen to a rhythm a thousand times before he can make an album out of it, or he’ll sit in the car and do the same thing even though he’s not driving.

From a professional standpoint, he is receptive to working with many individuals, but his personal favorites are Kevin Gates, Lil baby, Rylo, and moneybagg. CT Finesse claims that he would not turn down a fantastic chance from a major artist, but it would be Lil baby if he had to pick one.

His Beliefs

He believes that you should still be yourself, that you should not try to fabricate your identity, that your hardships are the core of your life, and that only you will share your tale. What distinguishes you as an individual is your personal story.

According to him, the internet is the most valuable resource for the music industry because it allows you to view, hear, and follow musicians as they grow. It’s also a more effective way to contact musicians on labels.

At the moment, his latest single, “Only Fans,” is generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm. After releasing his single online his social media presents elevated and made a big impact on the Stl Music scene. CT Finesse has performed at a few big shows in St. Louis for artist like Kodak Black etc. now he’s looking to travel and touring doing shows on a national level. The song is catchy, and CT Finesse believes it has a universal vibe that both women and men will enjoy. CT Finesse’s new single, “Only Fans,” is out now.

Update News About CT Finesse

For the past two months, @streetz1051 has been playing his single on their radio station. Since this new single is uptempo, energetic, and addictive, it will make you want to dance and have a good time. This latest single also earned him a spot on the #TheMIXX show hosted by National Recording Artist Kizz Q and Dj Flightt. The most crucial point is that both of # TheMIXX’s sponsors loved his music and advertised it on their platforms, like @thehypemagazinenetwork @yahoonews and @soeclothingbrand. He’ll also be appearing at The Hype Magazine and Yahoo News’ upcoming #TheMIXX show this summer. He also has another single “Enough” that made its debut appearance on the latest episode of “TheMIXX” and is planning to release his first EP in the summer 2021. 

The most significant piece of advice he ever received was to still listen and deliberate before speaking. It’s quick to find out whether someone is deceptive when you hear. It’s even easier to interpret body expressions to avoid those situations from occurring before they do when you listen. Be on the look out for “CT Finesse” his is a talented versatile Recording Artist and is on the rise. 

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Mind Over Matter: How Artist Keys FTV Deals With Obstacles In His Life And Career



Born in Syracuse, New York, Keys FTV moved around the United States a lot. He got to reside in Newark, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Norfolk, Virginia. 

“I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2019 where I signed with the record label TCDL, thus pushing my music career. A year later I signed a deal with 87 the label, putting me on an even higher level,” he said. 

However, his career started four years before he signed deals with record labels. Through SoundCloud, Keys FTV dropped songs back-to-back before he took things seriously and received a platform from the higher-ups in the music industry. 

Currently, Keys FTV is focused on creating more music and improving himself as an artist. His current goals for the coming year are to become more relevant and be in a higher position to give back to his family.

“I have been working really hard and making great connections that are elevating my positions in life,” he said. 

Putting Mind Above Matter

Being an artist isn’t as easy as it seems. Various obstacles have to overcome to progress to higher levels of success and productivity. 

Luckily, there are several approaches that individuals can practice to help them get through tough times in life. And for Keys FTV, it’s putting his mind above matters that helped him focus on the important things in life and achieve his goals. 

“Focus is huge for me, it tells me how dedicated someone is and how successful they are. Being able to put your head down and work for extended periods shows a lot about character,” he said. 

And should things get too tough to handle, Keys FTV doesn’t allow himself to be discouraged. Rather, he believes that you shouldn’t ever give up on something that you believe in. 

He also shares this same perspective with other individuals who aspire to walk down a career path the same as his. 

Turning To Music 

Even though Keys FTV has made a career out of his talent in making music, there’d more to it than just a source of income or a dream that’s hoping to be fulfilled. 

For Keys FTV, music is like therapy as it allows him to avoid stress and burnouts that come from the everyday trappings of life. 

By being able to do what he loves and retreating to it when things get rough, Keys FTV has made music become something more personal and fulfilling for him. 

Learn more about Keys FTV through his Instagram account.

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On The Verge Artist

Smoov2Wayv: Is All Gas And No Breaks As He Sets To Release Massive Projects For His Fans



Anthony Redd better known as Smoov2Wayv is an on the rise recording artist from Jericho, New Jersey. Anthony is naturally all around talented. His first passion was actually Football. Ironically his first studio session was engineered by one of his former Football coaches. Anthony is a versatile artist and was quite eager to start creating his own sound. Music has always been a part of his life. He enjoyed listening to various artists to get hype before his Football games. His musical sound is unique, bright and unorthodox. His musical genre is a mixture of genres that he refers to as “SmoovTalk”. His music is highly relatable and satisfying for all audiences. 

Although his first love was sports he was always interested in the music industry. He began learning how to engineer himself in High School. He would also make freestyles to work on his mixes and stay consistent with his progression. Anthony has won a few open mic contests, but is ready to see more success as he keeps growing. He is a hardworking professional artist/producer. He seeks to be the best in all that he does. Recently he has just released his new single “TOXIC” which is available now for streaming. He has a nice musical catalog as he has an EP currently released titled “TOO WAYV” and is now preparing for new songs to drop in the next couple of weeks. These songs will be prepping his fan base for his new EP “TOO WAYV 2” and his R&B album set to drop in the near future.
This year his goals are to keep applying pressure while growing. His own artist website and merchandise is a high priority for his brand. He wants to be seen as one of Jersey’s best artists. He states “Never quit #1. Never give up on yourself, work out  . Have a real relationship with God. Make sure you take time to read / and educate yourself on the business. And when you get chances to meditate or do something to balance your mind , definitely do it.” Wise words from this on the rise star.

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