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Meet Madeline Lew, The Virtual Member of the Internet-based San Francisco Rock band, PLB



Created from digital special effects, CGI and Photoshop, Madeline Lew is the ingenious alter-ego of Patrick Lew Hayashi, the talented musician behind the Patrick Lew Band. This virtual member joined the band in 2015, helping to bring its music back to prominence and achieving moderate indie-level success. In this article, we’ll explore the story of Madeline Lew and her impact on the band’s career, as well as get a glimpse into the daily life of Patrick Lew and Madeline.

Madeline Lew is the brainchild of Patrick Lew Hayashi, the frontman of PLB, who created the fictitious character as his alter-ego in 2015. The band had just decided to function exclusively as an internet-based virtual rock band when Madeline Lew joined them as a virtual band member.

Created through digital special effects, Madeline Lew is an integral part of the band’s marketing storyline. In this storyline, Madeline Lew’s role is described as the younger sister of Patrick Lew Hayashi, who saves the band from failure and brings their music back to prominence. Despite being a virtual member, Madeline Lew’s presence is felt in the band’s music, videos, and live performances. She is also an important character in Patrick Lew’s solo project, Lewnatic.

Madeline Lew’s introduction as a virtual band member and mascot helped PLB achieve the moderate indie-level success that they had not accomplished prior to 2015. It brought Patrick Lew’s profitability back to prominence in the music scene and garnered the band publicity.

Daily Life for Patrick and Madeline

As for Patrick Lew and Madeline Lew’s daily life, they love playing video games, immersing themselves in the Asian-American and Japanese community and culture, watching and streaming reruns on their Sony Smart TV, grabbing food outside, attending sporting and wrestling events, hanging out with friends at the mall, and checking out live music and concerts.

These days, PLB is a self-sufficient internet-based virtual rock band from San Francisco, sustained by their indie music career and social media. Madeline Lew does not travel and tour as much, so Patrick Lew plays shows and makes music under the Lewnatic banner. The future of PLB and Lewnatic may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure – they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Future of Patrick and Madeline Lew

Madeline Lew took a step back from PLB in August 2022, as Patrick Lew semi-retired her character in the project. However, Madeline Lew will still make occasional part-time appearances with the band. Patrick Lew and Madeline Lew are looking forward to potential greatness that might come from PLB, and who knows, they might even get married one day.

In conclusion, Patrick Lew and Madeline Lew want to thank their fans for staying true to their band and supporting them all these years. They believe that if you work hard enough and want it bad enough, dreams can come true.

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