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Michal Krizo – Slovakian Body Building Champion



Michal Krizo is a bodybuilder who has won the championship. Slovakian bodybuilding champion has shocked the whole world with his greater physique and is now preparing himself for his performance on the world stage. He has been in a bodybuilding career for many years and has won many titles, such as world championships and Arnold classic titles with the IFBB Elite Pro.

The main star of the IFBB Elite pro league has always been Michal Krizo because he has almost dominated every game, and he is constantly improving his physique year after year. Moreover, he is very loyal to this league.

In July 2022, Michal decided to bring his career to an end with his IFBB Elite pro league to joint NPC because he wanted to earn a pro status by entering a pro league. Many bodybuilding legends also praise Krizo, making him even more famous than before. However, even he has given a message to his opponents in bodybuilding.

Journey of Michal Krizo

At the time Krizo switched to NPC, he now had new team management known as EVLS Prague, so he traveled to the USA for his successful promotional and important tour. He was trained at Bev Francis powerhouse gym in New York during his journey. He learned many things from Steve Weinberger, a pro league judge, and NPC.

This was a very important meeting for Krizo. He also managed to set a meeting with Milos Sarcev and bodybuilding superstar Flex Lewis at a gym in Vegas known as Dragon’s Lair. Milos has worked with the best bodybuilders of the decade, and he was very impressed by Kirzo’s physique as he also praised that in the media.


He also got an opportunity to train at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, where he met his idol, Jay Cutler. Cutler was impressed immediately by Michal’s physique and praised him. He was so motivated by the words of legend Jay Cutler and even dethroned the great Ronnie Coleman. This is how great players can support and push the limits of different people.

Michal Kizmo is an upcoming champion, and many competitors are upset due to his looks and physique. He is perfect in every aspect of bodybuilding, and people are giving him huge amounts of love. He takes praise positively and works very hard to improve the other aspects in which he is not good.

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