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Nikita Hendricks Young Entrepreneur Launches Her Star Brand ‘Nikita’s Juice’ at Just 27 Years Old



Young businesswoman Nikita Hendricks has released her brand ‘Nikita’s Juice’ and people are in LOVE. From the taste, style, and healthy quality, it’s taking off fast. But let’s get to know the CEO a little more, shall we?

Nikita Hendricks is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur from Guyana born on January 22nd. Nikita Hendricks had migrated to the United States in 2013. She had to leave her immediate family to do so, which was a tough decision for her. Beyond the struggles Nikita believed that making this move would ultimately be a better decision her and her family’s quality of life. Nikita Hendricks is a very reputable businesswoman. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Nikita Hendricks has been working on her juice brand for a while now. This 2022, Nikita has officially released Nikita’s Juice, and it’s taking off. All the kids and adults are in love with the way the taste hits. It’s hard to get it perfect, but Nikita has, according to her growing customers. Her new brand of hand-squeezed top-quality juice is taking off in the market. Nikita’s Juice has a mission, and it is to give the highest quality product sourced locally and unprocessed. Almost every store we go to shop at and pick up our favorite juices, even still when we’re trying to shop organic, you still come across preservatives and tons of process. What you consume, affects how you live & grow. With every bottle of juice that Nikita’s Juice makes, they offer hand-squeezed, natural ingredients, made to be good for your body and health, made with love.

Not only did Nikita Hendricks just drop a brand that’s changing the market before everyone’s eyes, Hendricks his truly just an admirable person with an incredible personality, work ethic, and mission. One key element that helped Nikita Hendricks’ business create the success-brand she has today, is her upbringing. “Both of my parents are From Guyana. Between the way they raised me and their teachings, I’ve grown up and taken those things and used them in my own way. I come from a hard-working family. Both my mom and dad have raised me to be like them.” Nikita Hendricks expresses to us.

Nikita’s Juice is a must for all, especially the ones who are really trying to elevate their consumption of higher quality beverages.

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