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Pele Francis blows up the internet with Covid Safe Halloween party on a Luxury Super Yacht!



Pele Francis

Pele francis, 25 from Brisbane, Australia shook the internet last month with a video on Instagram that featured the highlights of a Covid Safe Luxury event on a 130ft Mega yacht!

2020 hasn’t been the best year for everyone, but Mr. Francis has definitely come out on top with his thriving E-Commerce Coaching services. He quotes “Were all going to encounter obstacles in our lives. Its how we overcome them that really defines ones character.”

Pele has worked hard in silence for over 2 years and only at the end of 2019 did he ever believe that he could help others. He started by putting his entire E-Commerce strategy into an extensive online training course – The E-Commerce Mastermind.

His Mastermind now has over 300 enrolled students that are thriving from his teachings and his easy to follow training formula. “You wont need any prior experience, in fact I’d prefer if you didn’t have any experience at all. That way you’ll be an open book and ready to learn the right way.” Pele tells his students.

Pele’s goal for 2020 before Covid was to speak on stage and hold his own training events to bring like minded people together.

The pandemic created a major obstacle for Mr. Francis that he had to overcome. 

So he decided to create his own Covid safe events which eventually led to celebrating Halloween on a 130 ft Super yacht in the sunny Gold Coast, Australia.

Pele hired a full production team to give the outside world an opportunity to experience his event from their homes. Little did Mr. Francis know that his video would be seen by more than 400,000 people worldwide!

According to Mr. Francis, this is only the beginning of his efforts! “This is my 3rd private event so far and each one has been incredible. I love bringing like minded people together and expanding my circle.”

Mr. Francis already has lots more events planned to cater for the whole summer with the aim to make each one equally impressive. His next big event will be for NYE where he is hosting a gala style event on The Sun Goddess, a 130 ft Super yacht that will cater for 145 of his guests.

What’s clear about Pele so far is that he takes great pride in being a positive and reliable teacher to his students. 

You can follow Pele on Instagram with the below link.

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